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One Hot Night

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One day this week I had a friend round to sleep, he has been my friend for several years and we are pretty close! Anyway, the evening was as usual spent playing computer games and surfing the internet. At about 3:00 am we went to bed, as the weather was so hot we both stripped down to our boxers (I have to admit that his bulge drove me crazy when I saw it, but I dived under my covers to hide my ever growing, throbbing cock) I drifted off to sleep in a matter of minutes.

However, 20 minutes later I found myself awake. Disorientated I opened my eyes and, in the half-light could see my friend laying spread-eagle on top of his sleeping bag. He had pulled his boxers down and his adorable cock (7 inches, uncut, with plenty of foreskin) stood to attention.

To my surprise he grabbed his dick and beat off violently for a few seconds, no longer able to bare the boner that filled my boxers I HAD to reveal that I was awake. I slowly sat up, my friend noticed but carried on going to town on himself. I lowered my covers and whipped my own cock out and began to caress the rock hard, throbbing shaft.

Wordlessly he got up, walked towards me and laid down beside me on my bed. Both of our bodies were covered in beads of sweat, our muscles tense and blood pulsing through our magnificent erections. I was pumping away at myself and could feel the cum beginning to build. To my shock my friend began to massage my nipple and his hand then slowly slipped down onto my abdomen, picking up the trail of hair that led him to his goal.

Expertly, he grabbed my cock and continued the fast-paced jacking that I had been doing before. His hand was moist with his own pre-cum, this made me even hornier. Fighting against my nearing orgasm in order to prolong this experience, I reached across to his penis, my hand fit snugly round the thick shaft, I rubbed him up and down, tickled his balls and massaged his frenulum. Pre-cum poured out of his cock's head, running down his cock and forming a pool on his tensed abs.

The inevitable soon happened, my cock went into spasm, pumping ropes upon ropes of thick white cream out, the first hit my chin, and the rest flooded my chest and abdomen. I quickly scooped up some of my cum and rubbed it into my friend's cock. He slowed his pounding of my cock and then took his cum-soaked hand and sexily licked it clean.

A few seconds later he let out a deep moan and his whole body tensed, the rhythmic contractions of his cock signalled the arrival of his load. He shot 10 ropes, a huge amount of cum. Some flew beyond his head, some flew towards my chest and some ended up in my hand.

I rolled over and pressed against him, we embraced until our cocks had lost their erections and the cum began to dry. Kissing every now and again. We then licked cum off of each other's stomachs before making for the shower together. That is a whole different story though!



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