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Once Upon A Time

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My first wife and I enjoyed sharing our erotic fantisies.


By the time I married the first time, at the age of 20, I had enjoyed the sexual company of several women.  Surprisingly by then, I never realized that women actually masturbated. Quite honestly, I believed that my masturbation was somewhat of a perverse anomaly.  Nonetheless, I continued enjoying my ‘little perversion’ in secret, fantasizing that someday my wife would catch me and find it exciting and want to watch; perhaps she may even try it herself and let me watch.

Unlike others girls I had been with, Rita was a bit more sexually adventurous which was, no doubt, the reason I agreed to marry.  We had several couples as friends and Rob and Sonya were the closest of these friends.  It was, I'm sure, obvious that I had a thing for sexy Sonya. Rita, in turn, was attracted to her husband, Rob. This allowed us to enjoy a relationship with them verging on, but not quite reaching, wife swapping.  We did however enjoy strip Yahtzee, nude hide and seek, and the proverbial “who cums first”.

These sexual games with Rob and Sonya as well as Rita’s willingness to be exposed and to flash me led to our night time ritual of: “Tell me a Story”.  It began simply when, during foreplay, I said, “Imagine that, 'Once Upon a Time' you and I were at Rob and Sonya’s home and you were wearing your shorts and top. Then Sonya said it was getting late and she decided to get more comfortable in her pajamas and asked if you would like to borrow a pair of hers.” The story would continue until the point I could feel her wetness and suggested it was her turn to add to the story. As we would go back and forth, it was not uncommon for Rob to be looking at her pussy with a hard on, and me in the kitchen with Sonya feeling her tits. Every night the story changed a bit with each of us seducing the other followed by a hot session of fucking. 

It was around this time I discovered that not only men but women masturbated as well.  During one of our story times I began fondling my cock and balls and guided Rita’s hand to feel what I was doing under the covers then slowly guide her hand to her pussy in hopes she would do the same.  At first, I was unsuccessful but eventually Rita felt comfortable enough to rub her pussy as the stories unfolded. 

Our mutual masturbation was done at night, in bed, in the dark, and under the covers. Though I could imagine what she was doing with her slit, I never got the chance to watch. As for our marriage, it ended after 3 years but my curiosity with female masturbation only grew.



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