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On The Metra Again

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On the Metra again only this time me and Amanda were together. 

So last weekend was Amanda's sons weekend with his dad. 


We decided to ride into the city for a proper "date" type night on Friday. We go to a show, grab a late supper and have a few drinks while waiting for the last Metra going to the burbs. 



The last train leaves Union Station at 12:33 am and as we'd hoped there weren't many people on it.



We found a car that only had 1 other couple in it, they were at the front of the car so we sat at the very back. 



Before we even got out of the station the couple was making out pretty heavily. 



I reached under the hem of my skirt, raised my butt off the seat and pulled my underwear off. When Amanda realized what I was doing she did the same. 



As I look up the male is looking right at me so I hold up my underwear and kinda shake then at him. He just smiles and goes back to making out with the girl. 



With a blushed face Amanda lightly slaps me on the arm and says "what are you doing".



"I'm letting him know we're fine with what they are doing and we will probably be doing the same" I reply



About that time they both turn around and look at us and we both hold up panties and wave them. With big grins on their faces they go back to it. 



As I turn and start kissing Amanda my hand slides under her skirt. 



Her legs slowly part and I soon find the dampness between her legs. When my finger brushes her clit she let's out a small moan and tilts her pelvis forward giving me even better access. 



As I'm kissing and fingering her I am also checking on the other couple out of the corner of my eye. I notice they are also checking us out every once in awhile. 



After a few minutes I notice her head has disappeared into his lap and he is staring right at us. 



When I notice this I pull away from Amanda, pull up my shirt (no bra on tonight) revealing both breasts to him and Amanda leans in taking my right nipple in her mouth and starts sucking on it. 



After a minute or so Amanda pulls back, lifts her shirt revealing her breasts and I lean down and suck on her rock hard nipple. 



This must have about pushed the guy over the edge because he pulled his girlfriends head back up and started kissing her again. 



Amanda and I go back to paying attention too each other and our dripping wet pussies as we make out again. 



After a few minutes Amanda whispers in my ear "the girl has her head leaned back watching us as he is apparently fingering her"



I whisper back "watch this". I then pull my fingers out of her, look straight at the couple as I bring them to my nose and inhale before sucking them clean. 



I'm pretty sure this pushed the girl over the edge because her face flushed, her eyes were rolling back in her head as she closed them and she started humping his hand. 



Luckily so far no one else has gotten in our car at any of the stops. 



As I see the girls head disappear into his lap again I get down between the seats, spread Amanda's legs and bury my face between her legs for a couple of minutes. 



When I come back up I look straight at him, run my tongue around my lips to collect the excess juices. 



As I'm doing this he throws his head back, closes his eyes and gets that definite orgasm look on his face. 



Sure enough when the girl comes back up she is using her finger to get his excess cum off the side of her lips. 



They both smile at us and mouth thank you before cuddling into each other. 



By this point we are only a couple minutes away from our stop so Amanda and I collect our thoughts and things so we can get off at our stop. 



When we get to the car Amanda says "Fuck I'm ready to cum, I'm not sure I can wait to get back to your place"



"I have no intentions of waiting" I say as I lean over and kiss her "but I would really like to watch you get yourself off if you're OK with that"



"Only if I get to watch you at the same time" she says



"Oh I plan on that"i say as I side my seat back and recline it a bit



It's only a couple of minutes before we are both moaning in ecstasy as we simultaneously orgasm in the front seats of my car. 



"Now back to my place so I can make you cum again" I say



"And again and again hopefully" Amanda teasingly says



I believe things are going to be good with Amanda. 







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