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On the Job

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Courting my wife. When I first meet Terry I liked her smile. Her smile made the room warm and fuzzy.


I work as an account rep for a manufacturing company. My main office is at the warehouse making sure the product is being produced and shipped out correctly. The company has a sales rep who I fell in love with and I'm am now married to. When I first meet Terry I liked her smile. Her smile made the room warm and fuzzy. Terry is a full figured girl. She has 40 DD breasts, a full ass and love handles. I didn't know why then but I loved being with her.

About two months after starting work I was working on something with her in my office when she leaned down and I smelled her perfume. I told her it smelled nice. When I looked up at her I was looking right at her cleavage. Terry looked down at me and told me to stop looking at her assets. We both laughed. We teased each other about our weight. I'm only 5 foot 9 inches and about 260.

One day, about a year later, I asked her if she wanted to go with me to a friend's wedding. Terry didn't respond quickly and I told her I wouldn't be mad if she didn't want to. She looked at me and told me yes she would go. I told her to pick out an outfit and I would pay for it. Terry then asked if we could go out to dinner so she could get to know me better. On Saturday I picked her up at her house. We went to a nice steakhouse after I was told by my boss that she loved steak. We had drinks and steak and talked about each other. After dinner we walked around town and then I drove her back to her place. Terry invited me in and as soon as we entered told me she was going to change into something more comfortable. I looked around and saw a few pictures of her friends and family. When I heard her cough I turned around and terry was wearing shorts and a tee shirt. I told her she looked good and Terry asked if I wanted to borrow a pair of her father's shorts and shirts he had left at her place. I went up stairs and changed and when I came down terry was watching TV.

When I sat down Terry asked me why I picked her to go to the wedding. Before she answered she asked me to be honest. I told Terry that every time she was around me she made me smile and smelled great. I also told her that when I looked at her and her cleavage I wanted to suckle her breasts and find out what color panties she was wearing and if she had a bush or bare.

I wanted to know if she is ticklish in any places. I wanted to know what makes her tick. Terry didn't know what to say. She then stood up and walked to the other side of the room and shut the shades and then came back to the couch. Terry then leaned forward and let me look at her cleavage. She then told me before my panties were pink, now they are blue. Plus she added that she is bare. Then she leaned back and took off her shirt. She was not wearing a bra and her breasts were in front of me. I leaned forward and started to suck one then the other. Terry sighed and told me to suck her breasts like a baby. After five minutes I stopped and Terry told me she had thought I was good looking the first time she saw me. I laughed and told her again I thought she was also good looking.

Terry then asked if I thought she would be easy if she asked me to stay. I laughed and told her no. We started to kiss and suddenly I felt like I was a teenager. We went to her room and she had a four poster bed. I took off my shirt and shorts. I has on my underwear and Terry asked if I had a roll of quarters in my shorts. I smiled and took them off. My dick sprang up and Terry came over and took it in her hand. She told me I was very big. I am only about 6 inches. She kissed the head and told me to go on the bed. Terry took off her shorts and then her blue panties. She was fully shaved had a heart tattoo on her hip. She climbed into bed and we started to kiss. After a few minutes my hand found her pussy and I started to play with her lips. Terry was wet in seconds and I soon had three fingers inside. I then removed my fingers and used my tongue. She started to squirm and when I found her clit she bucked a few times and moaned louder. Then she had her orgasm and squirted her juices in my mouth. This was a first for me and got me harder and hornier.

After Terry regained her composure she looked at my now very hard dick and smiled at me. Terry started to lick my dick and soon deep throated me. I almost came right then. She worked my dick like a pro and in a few minutes when I told her I was going to cum she deep throated me again and swallowed mycum.  I could only say, "Wow, that was amazing." We cuddled with my still hard dick between her ass cheeks and fell asleep.

We started to date and the night of the wedding everyone complimented us on how we looked together. We danced and ate and danced some more. A few of my friends told me I should marry her. One of my married friend's wife had a talk with her in the bathroom and told me she was in love with me. We danced the last song and Terry told me tonight we would be my lucky night.

When we arrived back her her place we went to her bedroom and stripped down. Terry took off her make up and came to bed. We started to make out and soon touching each other all over the place. Terry told me tonight we were going to have intercourse. I looked at her and asked if she was ready. Terry smiled and told me yes. We kissed and Terry laid in the middle of the bed with her legs open. I was hard as a rocket and found her pussy and started to slowly slide it in. Terry was tight and soon after my dick was slick with her juices I went right in. I was going in and out of her pussy and then I picked up both her legs and put them on my shoulders. I went in deeper and deeper and soon she was moaning and her breath was becoming faster and faster. She told me to fuck her and make her cum.  I put her legs down and thrusted harder and harder until she moaned and I felt her pussy clench around my dick and I came inside her. I stayed inside her for a minute before my dick shrank and slid out. I collapsed next to her. I told her I loved her and she told me the same.

I then got out of bed and went to my overnight bag. I pulled out a box and brought it over to her. Terry was looking at me and sat on the end of the bed. I got on one knee and asked her to marry me. Terry was stunned and looked at me naked on one knee while she was naked with my cum inside her. She said yes and then jumped on me and kissed me. We both showered and then climbed into bed and called our parents.

We have now been married for six years and sold her house and bought a bigger one with a backyard so our kids can play. We still have sex every other night and Terry loves it when I make her squirt.



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