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On the Bus Home

Posted by: Age: 15 (at the time) 18 (now) Posted on: 7 comments
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Thanks to everyone who gave me positive feedback on my two other previous contributions "In the Toilets" and "Leg Crossing in School". They were only put up earlier this month so I encourage you to go back and read them. Here is story of a time I masturbated in public.
I was heading back home on the bus from my friends house. I had been there all day and was getting a late bus back. She lived a half hour bus ride away so I was quite bored on the journey back. As it was a late bus there was hardly anyone else on it so I was free to sit almost wherever I wanted. I chose to sit at the back. I sat with my back leaning on the wall at the side and my legs spread across the other chairs. This was a boring journey and the bus happened to be rattling round just right so I started to become quite horny. I began fantasizing about other boys and girls in my class until I started to become very wet. Now there were still other people on the bus and the driver has a mirror so he can see what the passengers are doing behind him so I wasn't about to start openly masturbating there and then. I was so horny though so decided to masturbate discreetly. I lifted my knees up but kept my feet lying flat on the chair beside me. I was wearing a skirt so my panties would have been visible if someone had been sitting at the back with me looking directly at me but everyone else in the bus was in front of me and would've had to turn around to see me. I put my hand down by my side and under my legs. I slowly rested my hand directly beneath my pussy and began rubbing my clit through my panties. The rattling of the bus combined with rubbing my clit through my panties felt amazing. I had to be careful though. There were other people on the bus, not many but I didn't want to be caught. I just wanted to close my eyes and fantasize but I really thought that to avoid being caught I should just be on the look-out for people turning their head and looking behind them. If anyone decided to do that I would simply stop rubbing, it would just look like I was resting my hand on the chair. I also had to be careful of moaning. I know that some girls moan and others don't but I'm a moaner. Over the years I have been able to avoid moaning and have a silent cum but at that time in my life it was difficult to suppress it. I had to bite my lip to stop myself from being too loud but small moans escaped my lips from time to time. The bus was loud though and I was at the back so I doubt anyone could hear me. Eventually I was putting a lot of pressure in my rubbing and going quite fast. I soon came, pulling my legs closer towards me as my body tensed up and I shut my eyes as I was completely in the moment. As my eyes were shut someone could have turned round and saw me cumming but I don't think they did. A few moans possibly slipped out but I didn't care. After my cum my body relaxed and I moved my hand away. As they always are when I masturbate through them my panties were wet which I love the feeling of. I always find it fun going round the rest of the day with wet panties which on this occasion there wasn't much of as my bus was almost back and it was a short walk home. Please comment as I love reading them. Also feel free to ask me any questions you like and I will try and answer them as soon as I can. I will try and put another of my stories up soon as people seem to be enjoying reading about my public experiences.



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