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Oh, the Power of It

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I loved the power I had. I loved being able to do something for him after he had given up so much for me.


I was 18 when my mum died. My dad cared for me really well and there was nothing "improper" about it. As I grew up I realized just how lonely he must be. He never dated, he never had a girlfriend. He just looked after me and my brother and devoted all his time just to that.

As I became more interested in sex, I realised just how he must be feeling. I liked the feeling of dressing in short skirts, thongs, (or sometimes no panties at all) no bra, the usual kind of things I guess. One night, I was in bed and feeling really horny. I had been all day. My panties were absolutely soaked through and smelled really musky. I love that feeling, the wetness and the knowledge that my body is producing something designed to attract. Of course, I wanted to masturbate and it wasn't long before I was lost in a wonderful fantasy about being laid by four men at once. When I have really big fantasies I get totally lost in them.

All I knew was that I had a crashing cum and that suddenly, there was my dad looking at me from the open door. I guess I had been really making some noise this time. Dad stood there looking at me. I lay there on the bed, skirt up, legs splayed and my panties pulled to one side with two fingers of my right hand still in me. The next few moments were incredibly charged. I didn't make any attempt to cover up. I just let Dad look. He didn't make any attempt to go, he just stood there in the doorway. I could see he was getting hard too. My eyes flicked from his face to his crotch and suddenly the most amazing feeling of power swept me. I was making a man hard...even more than that.. I was making my dad hard! It was as if I had captured him with my body and the way I was looking at him.

I swear, neither of us moved for at least five minutes. By which time, he was fully erect. I decided to exploit this new feeling of power that was still coursing through me. I said "Go on. Take it out." He took a step towards me and shut the door behind him before obeying my order. His cock was engorged. Not just hard. I said "You need this. Cum for me." He started to rub, very slowly, while I talked to him. "You haven't seen a pussy for a long time have you? You like what you see?" He nodded. "I'm so wet. You haven't smelt a pussy either." As I said this, I peeled my soaked panties off me and flicked them at him. "Go on, it's ok. I want to do this for you. Pick them up... smell them." He took my little white cottons off the bed and held them to his face as his cock twitched.

Now his rubbing became faster and I was ready to go again too so I started with him. I got him to stand right at the end of my bed and scooted down it so my legs were either side of his. Both of us just masturbating. I saw his face flush and his cock start to look really angry. Then, he said "Oh Kate, I'm gonna cum." and he shot a lovely big load on my face, breasts and tummy. Some even hit my open pussy. I came in a wild series of grunts almost at the same time.

That was a few years ago now. From time to time, I used to leave him my panties under his pillow. I know he used to cum in them and put them back in the hamper.

Now, let me make a few things totally plain. I LOVED this. I loved the power I had. I loved being able to do something for him after he had given up so much for me. And yes, it was totally erotic. Would I have done more with him. YES. Would I have gone all the way? YES YES YES. I event tried to make it happen a few times, but it was too far for him.



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