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Oh Brother!

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Actually, this was fantasy made fact.

Rarely these days, do I get to go home to my parents house. I suppose that I dont really think they would handle my newly found wayward sexuality. Or perhaps, its more that I am scared of going too far? Perhaps the psychologists among you will answer that.

Still, today, being one of four rest days, I decided to go home. I'm writing this in the privacy of my bedroom, but what happened at 2:00 this afternoone was anything but private. The pool is a recent addition. I think that it was a foolish one financially, but nevertheless, there is now a rather nice, if out of style pool. I had eaten a very light lunch and was sunning myself wearing only my knickers. Of course, my wayward imagination had me wondering what my reaction would be if my brother saw me there. Mum and Dad are at work, you see. So there was just me and him in the place. I got tingly, of course. My clit throbbed and I wondered if I dared do anything about it. It's one thing in fantasy and quite another in reality.

I actually thought there was not much chance of him seeing me, so I pushed my panties off and started to play. At first, even if he had seen, there wouldnt have been much to see as I was 'being careful'. But then, the devil in me took control, and I rolled onto my back and spread my legs, bringing my knees up at the same time. I was fingering my ass with one hand and playing with my clit ringwith the other. All very nice. My juices were flowing and I was sweating a lot too, giving off a nice scent of female arousal and perspiration. I let myself cum in long powerful waves. Its strange that since I had my clit pierced, I have been much more able to control the type of orgasm I have.

I opened my eyes and my brother was standing a few feet away with his eyes like saucers and a hard on clearly visible in his shorts. I propped myself up on one elbow and asked him if he liked the show. He nodded, still dumbstruck. (Then I decided to chance my luck. You remember that I knew either my brother or my dad had used my knickers?) So I said, well now, you've seen the real thing. No more need to use my knickers now is there? He coloured up and shook his head. Then he asked me if I was going to tell anyone. Of course this gave me the upper hand and I said no, as long as I see YOU finish now. He undid his shorts and dropped them. I'll tell you one thing, he is NO little brother!!!

It was lovely to watch him stroke. Even better was when he shot his load. Several long ropes of cum and a huge dribble. I asked him if I could clean him up. I knelt in front of him and sucked him clean. Then I asked him if he used to smell my knickers when he used them. He said that sometimes he did. At others, he wrapped them around his cock with my creamed in crotch over the head of his dick. I asked him if he wanted to smell the real thing. And, oh, he gave me the most sweet licking out.

Since this, I know beyond all doubt that I want him inside me, even if only once. Maybe tomorrow I will get the chance if I havent scared him too much!

Ho Hum..... nice to have a close family isnt it?



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