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Office Perks

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This happened back when I was in my mid to late twenties. I was working for a manufacturing concern doing job estimating, inside sales, customer relations and the like. The office staff were like most smaller companies; a receptionist, a bookkeeper, another inside sales person, the general manager and of course myself. The thing was...I was the only male.

My office was located off the main office and looking from my desk I was across from the book keeper who may have been a year or two younger than I. Eve was a lot of fun and a bit of a tease. Whenever she turned on her chair to access the filing cabinets she allowed her skirt to rise ever so slightly and part her knees just so. Being a normal male with a healthy interest in the opposite sex I couldn't help but sneak a peak and whenever I did, without fail, Eve would catch me and offer a cute, sexy smile.

This continued on for quite some time without anything being said and as time past I became a bit bolder, standing when I was aroused, allowing Kay to see what effect she was having on me. Still nothing was said just this cute, sexy smile. A number of months past and this game, if you will, just continued.

I think it was a Tuesday, although it doesn't really matter, when my boss, the general manager, called me into her office. Mrs. Kay was in her mid to late fifties, rather heavy set and always, always wore fitted suits with a white blouse underneath. She was actually a rather imposing person and because of this commanded a lot of respect in the office as well as on the factory floor. As I entered her office she asked that I close the door; there was no chair in front of her desk so I remained standing.

'I don't know quite how to put this' she said, 'but there's been a bit of talk about your conduct'. There was an awkward silence and her gaze, over the top of her glasses, fell from my eyes to my crotch. I knew immediately what she was talking about and I could feel myself begin to blush; I was at a total loss for words. She continued to stare at my crotch.

'Apparently, from what I've heard, you have a problem controlling yourself'. Her eyes never wavered, I remained silent. She pushed her chair back from her desk, removed her glasses, stood and walked over to the window. 'If I'm going to have a productive staff this type of behaviour can't go on'. She returned to her desk chair and sat down. As she did she adjusted her skirt and in doing so allowed a view of her stocking clad thighs.

While it was only a split second glance when my eyes returned to hers I knew she had caught me just as Eve had. 'This is what I mean', she said. 'Can't you be a little more professional', she just stared at me. I looked down, embarrassed, but when I did, once again, I caught a glimpse of her thighs.

'I can't believe it, I really don't think you can help yourself!', her voice was louder now, 'Here, take a good look'. She adjusted her skirt again and spread her legs as far as the fabric would allow. I think my chin must have hit the floor but I really 'couldn't help myself' and my eyes returned to her legs. This time I could see the pale flesh above her stockings and I felt myself begin to harden. She didn't change her position and in seconds I was sporting an almost painful erection creating a tent in the front of my pants.

I looked up and found that she was more than aware of my 'condition'. 'There are ways to take care of that' she said. I still hadn't uttered a word. 'I think you know what I mean' and with that she hiked her skirt up a little further. 'This should help, now let's see you take care of yourself so that we can all get back to work.'

I couldn't believe what I was hearing...or seeing for that matter. 'So...let's see what you've got; show me what's under there'. I looked at her dumbfounded. 'I'm serious. Let me see what you've got.'

Feeling like a kid being reprimanded for having his hand in the cookie jar, I unzipped my pants and freed my straining cock; a drop of pre cum formed at the tip. 'Very nice', she said. 'Nothing to write home about but very nice just the same. Now let's see what you can do with it'. She cleared an area on her desk, hiked her skirt up even further and relaxed back in her chair. 'Well?'

I knew what she had in mind and I was more than ready. I began to stroke my cock, staring at her open thighs. The only sound seemed to be my own breathing. With my other hand I undid my pants, letting them fall to the floor, all the while stroking my cock back and forth, up and down.

Mrs. Kay watched intently; I felt I was in a dream. My hand moved a little faster now and I could begin to feel my balls begin to tighten; I knew it was only moments before I would cum. I slowed my pumping hand down, feeling the cum begin to build. All I was watching now was Mrs. Kays' face as she watched me.

That wonderful feeling began and I tightened my grip, nursing myself until I could hold back no longer and then I came... spurting thick ribbons of cum onto her darkly stained executive desk. It almost seemed in slow motion, I continued stroking myself until I was drained, absolutely spent. I think Mrs. Kay had an orgasm the moment I erupted; an orgasm without even touching herself.

She straightened herself out, handed me a box of tissues and without acknowledging what had just transpired said 'Now can we all get back to work'. With that, she stood, smoothed out her skirt and left the office, closing the door behind her; all without making any eye contact whatsoever.

Nothing was ever mentioned again and sometimes I have to convince myself that this indeed even happened. Not too many months later I moved on to another company and while the money and benefits were better there were just no perks quite like I had with Mrs. Kay.



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