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Obsessed with Sex

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I’d love to be watched playing with myself. Boy or girl, I don’t mind.....I just want someone to watch me. 




 Like others here, I had a Catholic upbringing. Like all girls, I got the “stay clean “down there” from before I even knew I had a “down there”. Clean panties every day.....sometimes more than one pair.....panty liners.... Some days, I felt like I needed to employ people to ensure I was ‘clean’ 24/7.  The thought of wetting my panties on purpose burst upon me when I was around 13. I’d read about it (here, I think) , but have never actually done it, although I know girls who have.  My main fetish though is that I’d love to be watched playing with myself. Boy or girl, I don’t mind.....I just want someone to watch me. 

I’m not in the sanctuary of my locked room. I’m sitting on the sidelines of a cricket pitch at Uni. Shame no ones playing. I’m leaning back on my elbows, my feet firmly planted on the grass and my knees spread a little wider than decency allows. If you were close enough and glanced over at me, you would see my sex. 

One or two students are using the cricket pitch as a shortcut, and now and then, someone will look over....but I don’t move. 

I know at least one boy and a couple of girls have seen my pussy. (Yuck....how I hate that word! Cunt? Quim? Both are better.)

Clear Of people now, I reach up my dress. I’m warm, randy and wet. I play idly with my clit, enough to wake her from slumber, but not enough to make me cum too quickly. 

I know people who have shagged on this playing field. One day, I hope it will be me! But for now.....

I sink a finger deep inside me. Involuntarily, I gasp. Being penetrated always does that to me. If the angle is just so and I get my g spot, it’s a most peculiar feeling.....somewhere between sexual excitement and needing to pee. 

I don’t realise it, but as I lazily finger fuck myself, I’ve closed my eyes. Snapping them open, that’s when I see her. I recognise her by her blonde pixie haircut and radiant blue eyes, but I don’t know her name. 

She sinks to her knees a few feet away from me, but I know she’s seen what I’m doing. Odd, isn’t it? How two women can communicate wordlessly with each other. I want to be watched....she knows this, and tacitly agrees.

Oh, but my g spot is feeling so potent.....so powerful! Do I need to pee or is it just sex? I remove my finger and decide to find out. I look right at her as I lick my finger, then, making certain my dress is safely out of the way at the back, I pee onto the grass. I’ve found peeing erotic for a while now.

She watches. Her eyes like saucers on my stream. Does she think I’m coming?

I plunge my finger back inside me and I can’t hold back any longer. I finger fuck myself hard and fast. I notice that she occasionally touches her breast but then forces herself to stop. You see? Again, the unspoken ‘contract’ between us. This is my time, not hers. She has moved a little though....enough for me to see her panties. She has pulled her skirt up to her waist. Purple, and visibly moist too. 

The mere thought of sucking her tips me over and I cum hard, bending almost double, my head almost on the grass in front of me. This is no romantic cum, it is savage, dirty, and just what I need! 

She doesn’t move. Instead she waits until I’ve totally finished. How she knows that moment when the aftershocks cease, I really don’t know. 

Im still staring at her panties, at that moist spot. Then my eyes flick up to hers before going back between her legs. 

Again, that unspoken request.....need?.....desire? 

Oh, she smiles, and what a smile! Revealing perfect teeth, she looks down before letting her head flop backwards. She closes her eyes and her lips part just a little. 

I see the wet mark suddenly darken and a silver stream pour through and onto the grass. 

In that second I know, absolutely know that I could suck her off right at this second. 

All too soon, she finishes, and gets up. She walks past me, pausing to whisper her room number. “8:00, if you’re interested”.

How could I not be? 



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