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My wife and I have shared mutual masturbation a few times, but not many. While she told me that one of her old fantasies was to have a whole crowd of men watching her masturbate - enjoying and applauding her efforts and pleasure - she is a very private person and chooses to masturbate alone.
But having seen her has aroused my curiosity about how women masturbate, what they think of and how they actually do it. I know that my wife was giving me a bit of a show when she showed me, so I always wondered how she did it when she was really alone.
Other than my wife, I have had the pleasure of observing 2 other women masturbate... both times they were in public, but thought that nobody else knew what was going on. I have also had the opportunity to hear my wife while she masturbated, and once when she thought I was asleep.
I'll share a few of these with you now.
I was sitting by a pool side at a Holiday Inn, or some type of hotel a few years ago, my kids were in the pool playing, and I was there watching them. It was a small pool, that was not particularly deep. Pretty much a standard hotel pool.
As I sat there, a woman came in. She was middle aged, clearly a mother, although her kids were not there or with her. She was in good shape, and I recall she wore a black bathing suit. She looked around the pool and saw that there were not too many kids , or that much activity, and she slowly slid into the pool.
I did not think much of this at first, but after a short time noticed that she was not actually swimming but was hanging on to the pool side. By this I mean she had her arm up over the lip so that she was held up a bit out of the water - which takes a little effort. I watched her a bit thinking that she may be scared of the water. I then noticed that her eyes were closed. At this point I knew that she was using a water jet in the pool wall to masturbate. She did not make a sound, but kept her eyes closed as she must have felt the water pushing and pulsing on her vulva. At one point she bit her lip. I assume that it felt really good.
I glanced at her very often so as not to stare, but I was fascinated by this. I could tell when she was close to cumming because her face and chest got flushed. Once this happened, she held on for a bit longer, then opened her eyes. She got up then went into the hot tub.
Another time I was at a conference for work. There must have been 200 of us sitting in one of those big rooms with no windows. The speaker was going on and on- to this day I have no idea what was said, but I remember the woman sitting in front and to the side of me.
We were all at round tables after lunch, and had pushed away from the table to be comfortable and to face the speaker. My mind was wandering and my eyes were just looking around the room when I became aware of this woman.... she was sitting, but was moving her knees together and apart I noticed this because the movement had been going on for some time and the motion and the sound was annoying at first. Then I realized what she was doing. I watched as she would mover her legs she would speed up and then slow down, sometimes stopping for a short period of time before starting up again. Towards the end her motions got a bit faster, then I could see that she was pressing her thighs together with greater force. I could not tell exactly id she had an orgasm or not but I sure wish I could have been doing the same thing while sitting in a large group.



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