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Nut Lover

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I love masturbating! I have been doing it since I was nine-years-old. Sometimes I feel like I am a bad or nasty person for doing it so often but I just can't help myself.

Nudity in my family has always been normal. I can remember seeing my mom and dad naked around the house since I was a little girl. Maybe that is one reason why I started touching myself at such a young age. For the longest time I have been fascinated with testicles. First it was the sight of my dad's testicles bouncing around between his legs that gave me a strange tingly feeling. After seeing my dad's wrinkly balls tucked up under his penis I would sneak into my room and immediately start playing with myself. First I like to use a couple of fingers to rub around my clit. After I'm good and wet I slowly insert them in and out while thinking of a pair of soft balls in my hands. It doesn't take long for my body to start shaking and my muscles to contract.

When I was twelve my mom divorced my dad and remarried. Things changed after that. My stepdad was never naked except in the privacy of his room. My mom also stopped going around the house naked because of his son that came to live with us. My stepbrother is two years older than me. He's a pretty nice guy.

Needless to say I was still horny and I spent a lot of time fantasising about boy balls. One Saturday I was up early and heard my stepdad coming out of the shower. I was in the kitchen and didn't think much of it until I saw him go into his room with nothing but a towel wrapped around himself. I looked at his crotch and could make out the outline of his penis. It looked so long. He didn't close his door all the way so I thought I would see if I could sneak a peek. I was so excited that I was shaking a little. I went up to his door and looked through and saw him in the mirror. He was now completely naked standing at his bed. Seeing him naked made me pretty wet so I started rubbing myself through my clothes. Up until that point the only naked male I had seen was my own father so I was surprised by how different my stepdad was. His penis was much bigger than my dad's, and his balls were bigger too. They were nice and loose and I felt spasms rock my body as I imagined what they must feel like in my hands. Despite my interest in the male body, I have never touched them so all I have is my imagination but I guess my imagination is strong enough to make me cum. That is good enough for me.

A couple of weeks ago my stepbrother and I were home alone and he was in the hot tub. I invited my friend over and we were just talking and watching t.v.. We were bored and my friend thinks my step brother is hot so she asked me if I had ever seen him naked. I said no but that I had seen his dad naked and that he was really hung. This got us talking more and more about what my stepbrother might be like until I noticed that my crotch was damp. Soon my stepbrother came in from outside and my friend blurted out that she and I had been talking about how big he was. That got him red and embarrassed but my friend pressed him and asked to see his penis. Personally, I was thinking about what his balls might be like.

Well, it didn't take long before he gave in and agreed to let us see his dick. He walked over to us and slowly began to pull his swim trunks down. Oh God, I never imagined that he was so big! He definately takes after his dad. Even though he isn't much taller than me his penis is huge. It was semi-erect and like seven or eight inches long and amazingly thick. My girlfriend shrieked when she saw it and told him how nice he looked. It didn't take me long to lower my eyes and stare at his wonderful nuts. They were deliciously large and loose. I was amazed because I didn't know that a boy's nutsack could hang so long like his did. His nuts must hang down like five or six inches. I told him that I couldn't believe how big his nutsack and nuts were and he told me that they were hanging like that because he just got out of the hot tub. My friend and I couldn't help touching ourselves and that seemed to make my step brother even harder.

I didn't want to orgasm in front of my step brother so I waited until later when I was alone in my room. All I had to do was picture his nuts and I came over and over as my fingers thrust in and out of my pussy. I can't wait until I get a boyfriend and then I can finally feel a pair of nuts!!



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