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Nude Since Noon

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Kind of long but I wanted to very precise and clear. Just to clear everything up the events in the story start Friday night, I'm nude by noon on Saturday, and home without having gotten dressed whatsoever by 4ish in the afternoon Sunday. Sorry it's so long.

So I just had the weekend of a lifetime, it was initially planned to be a gathering of fellow employee's to reside at my condominium at our local ski resort for a night. When I first pitched the idea it was to the two friends of mine that had just started dating and they were both hardcore stoked on the idea; meanwhile I just thought it would be a time for them to do something as their parents were always around and they weren't down with public/car time I guess. I quickly go five other people and we went up on Friday evening, (I'll skip ahead to only the erotic activities but I'll mention here I was the only virgin there that night, but the excitement enveloped something in me that lasted till the next day, I'll get to that). So yeah, when we got to the hot tub it was he who suggested it and I agreed before she did but they were attached at the hip so it wouldn't make a difference. I got to the hot tub first, and was just chilling meanwhile they were both in the changeroom/washroom, -now I had once quite the liking for she until he started going out with her- and they come out and get in even when it's only me and them and Matt they're still attached at the hip, I was a little intoxicated that night so memories and moments were slightly impaired but I swear I can remember it all perfectly. Matt looked me in the eye and then over in their direction, I noticed they were in to their necks and we couldn't see their hands/arms at all. Acting normal with simple observing quickly showed that he was taking a dip in her with his digits. This was just the start, Matt was pretty sure he got a hj from she but I didn't see it. In my condominium all we did was play video games, two hidabeds with one missing a mattress and a TV with Halo 3. Pretty tight room all within 4 feet of one another, I guess my initial reason to agree to be all up at my place in mind popped in when I saw them laying side by side on the hidabed. I went and grabbed the comforter and threw it at the base of the bed of which he and she and Joe were laying on and said "Don't know who's sleeping here but here ya go," ...... It was pretty late but still didn't think he would act so fast was within a minute the blanket as over both of them (a little more background information the first time I ever had any sexual encounter even near me was a girl I desired getting fingered on a buddies bed of mine by the buddy, it was devastating but you could imagine the result tingling inside of me during this moment I'm in now) as when he dies in the game and the round ends he says he's out and turns to her and basically starts spooning the side of her body but I knew what was going on, Matt knew what was going on; meanwhile my little friend Jeremy perched up on the back of the same couch/bed still playing was completely oblivious, Joe sitting directly beside them later telling me he knew all along just didn't say shit cause he said he'd have done the same if he had his woman. He was like that for a while it got to the point that I was pretty sure I heard the sloshing noise we all know, but only when people would be firing their gun on the game or explosions what not, pretty subtle but I'm pretty sure everyone was still well aware. He eventually turns up on his back and lifts his right knee, only her left hand is visible, I let this go on but not long before she suddenly got up and went to the bathroom, and he followed her over to that area, I watched as he was getting up he was wiping his hands on the couch, we have a hole in the wall room with no curtains just two double beds stacked on top of each other later in the night I walked over to find the comforter for the top tucked in only the right side and hung over sealing in the bottom, he had clearly set it up she was still in the bathroom, I casually grabbed a drink went to back, they came and hung out a little but insisted they were tired and going to bed. Every now and then you could hear voices whispers, but never ever did I see what was going on in there, 20 minutes into "going to bed" we went just outside it and turned the light on and shouted into the little fortress are you guys asleep?! She responded legitimately tired "[he] is but I'm not yet," we all know by later she was acting they were both awake but we left them. When I came back later I again heard the same sloshing sound but didn't say anything about it but asked if she was still awake and when I did she giggled and then said that she was. After about half hour after this they both did actually fall asleep cause I went to make the bed for Joe cause he was using the top bunk, he could have just be spooning her but I seriously thought they were asleep and made the top bunk then went back to the game it was 3:00am she woke up and was like "wow you boys and your games go to bed" so Joe followed her back to the top bunk where we discovered when she joined [him] down below he responded to everything as though he were never asleep. Well at least they got what they wanted, I was happy I could give em that. We all went to bed I was going to sleep till 2:00pm the next day they were going to wake up at 7:30 to get first tracks the next day, they still woke up at 7:30 but there was a snow storm so instead they spent since they woke up till about 11:00 just in bed, I woke up at 10 and while I was grabbing milk and cereal they were in the fortress again and I went to the table Matt came by and was standing outside and then came over and was like "yeah I just heard the -(and he made the perfect noise sounded almost exactly like it)- and so yeah, they're having a good time" and then she had either heard him or had an orgasm cause she busted out laughing once again to the point everyone heard her, and again shortly after she quickly went to the bathroom. I suggested another hot tub only because truthfully I wanted to see her in a bikini again and he was down but she wasn't so everyone actually left because the storm died down, it was just before Noon everyone was gone but me. I had to clean up everything and do dishes and make it all nice cause both my parents were coming up that night; I figured I'd do it later but I wanted that hot tub so I brought my phone towel and shorts and almost immediately getting into the hot tub my shorts were off and I was lounging, (it's a shared hot tub between 3 families in this one house we all share, I was almost certain that no one else was there that weekend at all,) while relaxing my parents called they said that the roads were too bad and that they weren't coming up tonight and that unless it stopped snowing I should not come down, I told them I'd be fine and double confirmed they were not coming even if the roads did get better but they could expect me home if they did. After the call I looked it was 12:16. Being completely alone I was just sitting in the hot tub half covered I was very excited all of which I'd witnessed over the last 12 hours was overwhelming just knowing I had the whole house (the 3 places aren't separated by locks just trust) and a hot tub to myself overwhelmed me without even self stimulation my body shuddered, I went to J'O but the slightest touch would have made me climax and when I do I get grouchy and get dressed and think rationally and not just in horny action, so I decided I wouldn't go that route, but I needed something so out of the blue I remembered a Jet on your ass can feel just right so I found a medium soft jet and positioned it right upon my asshole, in that position it happened to have two jets each blowing on each of my breasts, I am a male but a little over weight makes for nice man tits. This was amazing I have never thought ever would this stimulate me at all but the jets blowing my tits around and the jet right on my ass, I've never had a gay thought before and I've heard ass plugs aren't gay anyways but I had thought if I could get a finger in there it would gimme what I need, I quickly discovered nothing was going in there, it had sealed shut so not as to get the jet water in there, I just went back to that position that drove me wild. It was 1:00ish cause I only looked at my phone between songs I didn't like and a car drove up to the front, I recognized it; was the people who lived upstairs, where they parked they couldn't see me so I just chilled in hopes that they'd leave, 10 minutes later the car turned back on and they appeared to be leaving. I went limp a little disappointed thinking of that family, we've known them for 3 years now nice people parents are a little weird daughter's a year younger than me absolutely stunning, little brothers a dumbass but he'll grow up to be a nice guy. Me being disappointed because every time they are up here I make on the daughter in hopes that something may happen, (what can I say man tits don't get women) but since it was over getting close to an hour in the hot tub I got out and went in and dried off but never bothered to put clothes on, I just sat there for an hour watching TV every now and then (lol like 8-12 minutes) I would go for a wank intensively and with passion to just go for it as fast as possible and then at the last minute just stop and go back to watching TV. Anytime I was limp and wanted to go for it all I had to think about was where I was, the fact the fact that I was naked, and that no one else was coming up here so I had no problems whatsoever and I was leaking pre-cum already. This went on till 2:30 cause then I had to go back for another hot tub, all the times just short of blowing my load I needed relief, as soon I was in the hot tub I found that spot quickly, (just for setting purposes the hot tub is like 3 sided covered but opens up one side to the ski hill and has stairs to the balcony upstairs and stairs to the door downstairs) it wasn't 5 minutes of in being in that same spot my tits jostling around my ass hole being spraying at the perfect pressure my body like entered exctasy it wasn't like any orgasm I have had before but it certainly was trying, waved would come up and sent pulses down my schlong without me even touching it and my face would get that orgasm feeling but then it would pass off, and then come on stronger and continue to die and get stronger feeling. By like t he fourth I was already probably experiencing the best feeling I ever had in my life, like even today not 24 hours later can I think of something better than that, (now like I said when I climax and discharge I get a gross feeling where I need to get dressed and think rationally) however on the sixth pass it felt like I was either about to piss myself of expel my whole testicle but instead it upsided I ran out of breath got really light headed but was still in that position I hyperventilated gasping for oxygen and the seventh wave came on all I did was grasp myself as though my hand were a tight rigged snatch and with the bubbles and the jostling it happened I exploded for a solid 30 seconds maybe a minute I was oblivious to everything I felt as shots and shots of juice shot out of me my body shuddering all the while gasping for fresh air it was decreasing in such violent spasms and I was just about done when: "Do you mind if I join you" I turn around and look up to see it's her, "Mary is that you?" she comes running down the stairs in nothing but a way to skimpy bikini, "who else would it be?" she says as she jumps in quickly, it was -5 C out so I could see her eager for warmth. We talked I found out that her parents were letting her have a couple friends up for the night and they drove her up here to be first and that they left before the snow storm and her friends may or may not come any more cause it was pretty bad. She went on talking for about 20 minutes all the while I'm completely nude and she's just a girl I've always sort of desired and she's wearing almost nothing and even though I had blew my load earlier I was still rearing to go again. She asked where the music was from and I told her my phone, and when she asked if she could use my phone I said only if you don't hold the phone over the hot tub, now we're sitting me facing her with my phone on the other side of her, I would think she would have gotten out to use it but instead just turns around keeps her though down in the water but lays out the side of the hot tub but facing me with the swimsuit blown up into herself from the jet she must have been sitting on, I couldn't resist I subtly tugged myself, she remained like this till her phone call was done, I must have been getting into it cause as she turned around she seemed to have obviously known what I just was just doing, with this really confused look on her face she sighed looked at me and was like "Really?... like actually? That was pretty gross" my face must have turned red but it was snowing so she quickly submerged herself in the water so I could only see her head and me the same. I just smirked going "I don't really know what to say, I'm sorry you've always had this effect on me I wasn't able to think conscientiously what I just did" she looks me in the eye and looks almost upset and I when I ask her what's wrong she said that the person she just talked to had talked to everyone who was supposed to come up and no one was coming up to her place at some point during explaining this I felt her leg run my leg from waist to foot, it shocked her I could see it in her face. My heart fluttered it was like perfect, almost like it's meant to be kind of shit, and then she ends with "and then you just did this shit..." and get's up and runs back upstairs almost in tears. I didn't understand I could agree if I was a beautiful 17 year old girl of her stature and saw a person--- if we swapped bodies I'd have thought it was gross too. So I was about to close up the hot tub gonna go get dressed and maybe have a nap something to get rid of the idea of what just happened, I hear the sliding glass door close upstairs and she comes running back down with no clothes on whatsoever and once again very quickly jumps in the hot tub. She tells me that her parents won't come back up to get her cause they think the roads are too bad and her last words are "...let's make this a night to remember." It was only 3:00 but she jumped on me missionary like and starts kissing me passionately my rock hard member spooning her in the bum, my first kiss/naked body/body contact in 15 years the moment got very intense and shot electric zaps throughout my body, a few moments into it she breaks off to breath I look her in the eye, say something super corny about how I think that I've always loved her and smiles at that but then I tell her I'm a virgin, that I've never been with a girl, and that I plan to be a virgin by the end of the night, she almost looked sad when I told her that; but I ask her if she will let me satisfy her to the best of my ability (what with the no previous experience only solo touch/porn) through the rest of the night, and she insisted only if she could return the favor. I didn't know how I could break it to her, and it's all I was thinking about on my first mission, how do I tell her I can't let me make me cum otherwise I'll have to pack it up, I wasn't thinking at all and she had to slap me twice saying I was failing horribly, eventually I said screw it, I don't need to worry about that. I got this thought, she said to me "what's that look in your eye" it was cool I felt she was recently shaven and thought I made a look and she said I made a look and I floated over top of her, over toward her head and whispered into her ear: "get on the hot tub lid, position yourself so you can spread open at the edge" I was so happy it pushed over the edge just her smiling and complying to my request, having tingly shudders in my legs I set myself up, spread her apart and started with some long strokes on either side of her lips, back and forth a few times then out of nowhere rapidly attacking her clit her legs were wavering a little, (just a recap it's 3:00ish we open to the ski hill means it closes in half hour and you could see into the hot tub room if you were on the chair but from the tunnel of trees it's only a 4-5 second and you'd have to be looking in, (she told me that helped send her over the edge)) she was moaning but trying to talk and said that the snow landing on her slow close to orgasm was absolutely amazing, when she told me that she was close to orgasm I thrust two fingers into her and hooked them back looking for that spot I was always told about, it took me a moment but I eventually found it, with my left hand 2 fingers I would push up on it every 3ish seconds and tried hard to lick a layer of skin of her clit at the same time, I knew I succeeded when she gasped suddenly and goes something like "oh my god I'm going to cum." I stopped the clit action but continued to pressure the spot every few seconds I smiled and went "no you're not" and almost screaming but keeping quiet goes "ooh my god yes I am," I don't know what I was thinking cause I was feeling contractions on my fingers I just felt she was too young and wasn't going to produce anything too much, I withdrew and spread her lips again with a long careful stroke up each side, and then I went directly down the middle and she exploded her tight as ice cubes folds parted on my tongue and gushed fluids straight onto my tongue I quickly clasped my mouth with my tongue hanging out still trying to lick the shaking pussy in my face, when I looked into the hole that was gaping open something compelled me I actually managed to stick a portion of my tongue up into her, she was gasping with her legs limp pushed spread apart and her body unable to hold her up just laying there. Hornier than ever I just lay back and gave myself a stroke another just short of orgasm and then cut off; she got back in the hot tub and basically sat on me after I finished, slowly every few seconds having long passionate kisses in between just talking about all the good times in the last 3 years. I needed out of the hot tub so I invited her to come hang out, she got out and ran into our place and I sealed up the hot tub, after being nude and in the cold for a few moments I was limp and small enough to be embarrassed when I came in to find her already on the couch watching TV lightly massaging her clit she commented quickly on my size I just turned the fire place and went and snuggled up to her resuming out conversation/practice from the hot tub. This went on till around 5:00 of talking with short breaks for long passionate kisses in between stories and feelings, never would I expect to be so intimate with Mary, just the whole ordeal was giving me a glowing sensation. Still sore from snowboarding the night before I insisted we go hit the hot tub, this time I waltz out there open it up get the jets running and she comes crawling from inside, peeking out and looking around to confirm it's clear, she runs and hops in quick like she's running through a crowd of people in the nude. I had already found that spot again and was getting comfortable she continued to talk on and on about some shit that Olivia did to her, she was really getting into her story with anger in her voice I cut her off suddenly "Hey Mary you ever used these hot tub jets to get yourself off? She looked stunned sort of, first surprised them dumbfounded "oh yeah I think every girl has used a jet now or then, never have I used this hot tub before though" I found her a jet I thought she could find comfortable and to my amazement it shut her up well. It wasn't long till she looked like she was really into it; I was just telling her about how I was having a extreme anal induced orgasm when she showed up she grabbed me and pulled me to her and we again quickly locked lips and between kisses she was squealing and clearly fighting back a mind boggling orgasm. By this point it was probably the most sexual activities I'd partaken in... ever and was getting quiet exhausted, close together in the hot tub I suggested to her we go find a bed; she must have thought she was getting laid cause she ran all the way upstairs and said she's see me inside. When I got inside and laying on the same hidabed he from the night before dipped his g/f on, she came flying down the stairs still nude but equipped with her purse; she crawled in to the bed softly and snuggled up close leaving her purse on the side of the bed. She told me to my face she wanted to return the favor I did for her earlier and she reached to her bag was rummaging with some plastic and then turned to me and asked if I was ready, when I said yes the covers were tossed off me and she put something in her mouth then for the first time in my life I experienced and understood why it's such a good feeling to put your dick in a mouth. I let her go for a bit but it wasn't long till I realized something felt remarkably different, almost wrong; I told her enough and looked down to discover she condom'd me and I didn't even know. She crawled up my stomach slowly coming in for another kiss when I felt her hand between her legs grab my man and position him up, she kissed me as she lowered her hips onto my member. As soon as I realized what she was trying I rolled over on top of her careful to keep myself out of her and continued to kiss her, but the kisses were now losing their passion. She eventually got frustrated and screams at me "okay enough of this I need you inside of me" her eye's told me it was the truth she wanted me at that moment more than I ever wanted her my whole time knowing her. Unfortunately for her all she got were two of my fingers throughout all of last night and my tongue took another trip but we passed spooning around, (not really sure the last time I saw the clock was 8:00 though) and the next thing I knew she was slapping my tits going "we fell asleep, we fell asleep, we fell asleep." When I realized it was now midnight and she was still here with me naked and she was slapping me I jumped up and tackled her to the ground holding her down the passion quickly came back to the kisses. In that dreamy just woke up state I quickly gave up on her mouth and moved down to her lovely folds. I'm not going into the details of the next hour but I'm still a virgin, and we decided to call it a night when she was standing in front of me covered in my junk from mouth to belly button and still trying to kiss me That was a picture I'll never forget and will always recur in my memories, an absolute beautiful girl drenched in my own semen right next to my bedside clock reading 1:11 (and my clock was the same at home as the out condominium). To clean up we decided the hot tub would serve as a quick wash up. We were staring out onto the ski slopes when she said "I wish I could sleep in my own bed tonight," that was when I realized that it had stopped snowing and I asked her if she wanted to go home tonight. She was eager but scared saying the roads might be bad and that I didn't need to go home just because she wanted to, always having somewhat of a car fetish I told her the trouble was none if she let me take her home before getting dressed. She was shocked and so turned on at the same moment, she wasn't sure at first but when I told he I'd be naked too so if we got pulled over or anything we could just say we lost a bet; she agreed but insisted she took the back seat so they couldn't insinuate we were having sexual activities in a vehicle. By 1:30 we had all the stuff packed, she was still naked as the day she was born I was only wearing a right shoe and sock; I pulled the car out of the garage, knowing all the other doors were already locked I closed the garage door and pulled up to the path to the front door. I told her that I thought I left it unlocked and she should go lock it real quick, it was a # combo lock so all she had to do was press a button so she quickly slipped out the rear right door and when she got half way to the door I pushed on the gas and ripped down the road, she ran up to the door pressed the lock button turned around to see me ripping down the road she ran like her life depended on it. I went maybe 200 yards and saw she was still chasing and wasn't giving up so I kept going just slightly faster than she was running. Most hilarious thing I'd ever seen in my rearview her giving it all she got completely nude streaking behind my car. The road to go home runs straight through the resort village and then down a 1 lane all the way home, the village is fully lit up and I drove right through it with her still following me; I was watching closely waiting for her to give up and me have to go back and get her, but she just kept running which was even more and more of a turn on for me to keep driving. I got three quarters ish of the way through the village when I saw a police car and quickly stopped and let her in, she got in the back and was whining and complaining, we rolled past the popo and it was just an empty car. There we were on the road just a nice calm 2 hour drive to her place and another 20 minutes home, she told me she'd never been in a moving vehicle nude, but she'd lost her virginity in a stationary vehicle. I told her about how my friend told me she had an orgasm while driving with her boyfriend and the moving speed made it so intense, it wasn't long before I was hearing that oh so familiar sloshing noise, she had the middle seat belt over her torso, her left foot on my headrest and right foot on the passenger headrest. Within a few minutes she was just whimpering quietly "thank you frank" over and over again; I opened my sun roof and told her even though it was cold she needed to bring herself just short of orgasm again and let me know when she was, was a good 10 minutes of soft rubbing her voice shakes "ooooohkay... now what?" I insisted since the road had just gotten straight I couldn't see anyone ahead or anyone behind me in ages she stand up and out of the sun roof, she hesitated but when she realized what it meant she was doing she shot up there, I put the car on cruise and made sure everything was okay for her. She had gone to her belly button and was screaming into the frozen forest surrounding the road, focused on the road I let my right hand find her spot and gently massaged her only to get my hand slapped away telling me I was making it worse and to just drive. She was standing with one foot on the passenger seat and the other food just to the right behind my shoulder putting her pussy right in my face if I right shoulder checked, meaning when she started to tend to herself fluids were spattering onto my shoulder and car to the point I told her to go back to the backseat. Closing the sun roof it was now clear that my car wreaked of her pussy juice and she apologized for that but she blew my mind when she continued for the whole rest of the drive she was giving her vagina so much attention I was jealous. She insisted I could have some "road head" if I were down but I told her not to degrade herself, when we got to her house not a single light was on, she grabbed all her shit and thanked me for the "wild adventure" and offered once again I could join her in the back seat before I had to go home, we shared one last passionate kiss before I let her go, I couldn't help but giggle as I saw her still stark nude since 12 hours ago sneak to her house and sneakily enter the side entrance. I felt bad for her feet so cold in the snow. With the last 20 minute ride home I cranked some tunes and rocked out with my cock out literally, I tried to J'O with it on coast but could only do it while I considered my actions completely unsafe so I waited to get home. Arriving at home I discovered my parents asleep so I grabbed my stuff from the back seat finding she had (clearly intentionally cause it was packed up before we loaded the car) left a pair of her thong underwear. It was only then I discovered how wet she actually made my back seat, the smell was so overwhelming I had to finish myself right there in my backseat with her thong. It was the orgasm to end the night because immediately after I got that feeling I needed to put clothes on and pretend everything that just happened didn't. However as soon as I got inside and up to my room I started to look for some clean clothes I just said f*ck it I'm already home I'm going to bed, and I passed out nude on my own bed at home. Which lead me to this morning here and now, and when I say morning I mean 2:00pm. I woke up about 2 hours ago and still nude and turned on I wanted to get this all in text as not to lose anything I remembered from last night. Well I'm finishing writing this story at about 4:00pm my time and I've been nude since just after noon yesterday, wow what a crazy weekend.



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