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Now THAT Was A Weird Dream!

Posted by: Age: 24 Posted on: 2 comments
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Although this sexy dream was very recent, it takes place in the past when I was still living at home. It involves my brother, so if that kind of sexy dream doesn’t do it for you, then well, you’ve been warned. 


I know he likes me, and not in a brother-sister way. I’ve noticed he sneaks looks up my skirt, and tries to accidentally catch me in the bath or shower. More than once, he’s been with me by our pool when I’ve been topless. He daren’t lie on his back because seeing my boobs makes him hard. 

And then there’s my underwear. I think he takes my used panties from the hamper. The thing is, it turns me on. 

I decide to do to him what he does so often to me. I decide to walk in on him. I wait until I absolutely know he’s take a pair of my panties. 

I stand outside his door. I’m wearing just my night time t shirt...nothing more.

i take a big breath and yank the door open. Jackpot! He’s lying flat on his bed, my little white panties clamped to his face and jacking his dick. Instantly, I’m aroused. Oh GOD I’m aroused! The sheer power of my scent doing this to him.

But then......

Then something happens in my head. Leaving him open-mouthed and like a rabbit in the headlights, almost paralyzed with fear, I run to the bathroom, rummage in the hamper and return to his room. I close and lock the door behind me. 

“Come here....and bring my panties with you”. He’s so scared now that he’s soft by now. He stands before me, almost quivering with fear. I take my panties from him. I can understand why he liked them. Today has been a wet day. I kneel at his feet and hold them out. “Step in” I say. 

I pull my damp panties up his legs, tucking his dick down between his balls and pull the panties up tight. It almost looks like he has a vagina! How cute! But I’m not finished yet. I take my trainer bra and put it on him. It’s like dressing a live doll. 

I'm still not done. My school shirt comes next, followed by my pleated gym skirt. Then, last of all, my pantyhose. 

I can see as I pull them up that his dick is straining against the unnatural position I’ve put it in. He’s enjoying this. So am I. My boobs are rock solid, and my clit throbs urgently. 

I stand and lead him to my bedroom. I put him on my dressing table stool and carefully apply the exact safe makeup I use every day. 

When I'm finished, he looks really feminine, and soft. I stand him up and hold him to me. I kiss his neck gently, and cup his “breast’ with my hand, I even give him a girls name as I whisper to him. “Oh Courtney. I’ve wanted to do this for so long.” He falls into role and replies “Touch me, make me cum”

The rest of the dream varied a little. One ending was me rubbing him gently between his legs but over the pantyhose until he came in my panties. I made him cum just like a girl would. 

Another variation is that he fucks me. It’s like (I imagine) being fucked by another girl using a strap on. 

Either way, the twice I’ve had this dream now has seen me masturbate furiously afterwards. Whether it’s the forbidden fantasy of incest, or a guy crossdressing or both I’m not really sure. 

All I do know is that something has happened to me. I feel like the brakes have been taken off on my sexual development. 

I know I’m getting more erotic, more adventurous, and it scares me more than a little.

There's something I saw in a porn video that I am aching to try. In it, a girl drives herself someplace and then masturbates half-naked in her car. There are several short movies by the same girl, and in some she is totally alone, but in others, people walk past her car and even look inside! Damn, but that’s hot! 

My favourite one is when she is at an airport. She has her hand down her panties right next to a group of guys. They’re right by her car window, for fucks sake! 

In the back of my mind, I know damn well I’m going to have to do that myself.....for real.



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