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Nothing Special

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First submission. Let me know what you think. I don't think this story is really worth reading, but I'm putting my big toe in the water nonetheless. Basic outline: I masturbate a lot, I go one week without jerking off while sustaining a lot of stimulus, I finally get a chance to release.


I'm finally getting around to submitting one of my experiences. I've been an avid masturbator since before the age of eight. When I have the time, I'll jerk off as often as five times a day. In that respect, this one time is nothing special.

Because I masturbate so often, I don't get the chance to see what I can do. Especially lately since I have been losing confidence in myself, I haven't been able to maintain an erection for long. They also don't come as frequently. It worries me that I might have passed my peak, but it is also possible that it is simply due to a depressive period I'm going through.

I started my junior year at a college in the panhandle of Florida although it is only my second semester living in a dorm on campus. The dramatic shift from having a few hours alone every day to sharing a room with a stranger obviously impacted my solo habits. For a week I had not touched myself, at least not to the point of no return.

The last time I did so was on a trip to a competition in Orlando. My group left early Saturday morning from the Atlanta area. We arrived sometime later in the morning. Fortunately, they gave us a few hours to get some floor-time sleep. I found myself a secluded spot on a loft of the high school that hosted us. While there, I accidentally stimulated myself more than I intended after a three day dry spell.

I had no idea I could go much longer than three days. After a week of wandering around a campus at a university whose location attracts the beach going girls, I certainly needed some relief. Not to mention, I walked in on my roommate and his girlfriend, a short, rather busty and slightly dimwitted girl, making out. I can't guarantee that making out is all they were doing because I averted my eyes. They spent three days alone in that room prior to when I moved in on Sunday; feel free to make your own assumptions on their activities.

I've met a few first year girls in the dorm through friends. I'm no social butterfly, so when I do get social, I enjoy it. One girl likes to play around a lot. She'll push me and play fight with me. She's adorable, on the tall side with long silky hair, flat stomach, and she has the gorgeous skin tone and features only accessible through her half Philippine heritage.

In addition to this girl and my roommate's girlfriend there are a host of other women who deserve more description than I have the vocabulary or time to adequately summarize. I just hope that none of them take it personally when I accidentally elbow them in a friendly game of beach soccer. If so, they can kick sand in my eyes. Yes, this past Friday, instead of coming back home after class, I made a twenty second decision to accept an invitation to the beach.

Oh goodness, bikinis!

I realize that I'm getting long winded. Let's cut to the chase. I drove home to the Atlanta area later that day. On long drives at night, I stroke myself to keep alert. It is not intended to be pleasurable; pleasure is a side effect.

At home, in my own bed, in my own room, I finally felt comfortable enough to finish. After a week's buildup, it wasn't long before my cheek sustained a gooey shock. It caught me by surprise. You might remember at the beginning of this tale that I masturbate often. It is a rare occasion when I can expel my semen farther than my chest. I'm used to a forceful eruption that flows down my cock, not one that nearly blinds me.

I am impressed with my performance that night. It took my entire shirt to wipe up the mess I created on my chest. The significance of this occurrence is probably less exciting than you might have hoped. But for me, it boosts my confidence a little. Maybe I can stop masturbating as often and as a result have an increased ability while maintaining a high sexuality.

I'd much rather be writing about a mutual masturbation experience where I might give a girl her first orgasm (in fact, I know one, but we'll see where that goes). I enjoy writing almost as much as I enjoy getting off. Unfortunately, this story is nothing special. I do have a story in mind that happened to me in seventh grade. Stay tuned.



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