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Not Missing Out on the Best Part

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Another story transcribed from a client.

I met up with a fellow I met online. He said he only likes masturbation-type things, and that's exactly the same with me. Like you, I'm not into oral, anal, frotting, or kissing with another guy. I do all that stuff with my wife. I guess, also like you say you are, I'm somewhere on the bisexual scale, but I don't know quite where. I'm good with that. I don't have to know exactly where.


So I met Earl on the Internet, and we wanked together a couple of times. True to his word, he didn't lean in and try kissing or any of that, and of course, neither did I. A couple of times I've met up with guys who say they are fine with just wanking, but sure enough after ten or fifteen minutes, they want to climb on top, try kissing, suck me, ask me if I have a rubber, and all sorts of stuff. That's not what I want, damn it!

Earl and I were not only compatible in that way, but in every other way as well. Whereas I'm 52 years old, he is ten years younger, at 42, but he looks even younger than that. Yet, he seems sufficiently attracted to me. He says my shaved balls are just the right size, and he likes my circumcised dick. I'm glad I'm not fat, or tall, or short - but just about average in every way, with a close-cropped beard and mostly gray hair. He is a touch on the tall side at 6'1' or so, thin, with short black hair, and penetrating - in a good way - blue eyes. He does not wear facial hair, and no hair on his genital region either. In fact he is so smooth there, I'm going to have to ask him whether he has had laser hair removal or something. We're both circumcised, and have average size dicks. His peehole is a bit lower, a bit closer to the bottom of his dick rather than in the middle of the glans, whereas mine is right in the middle. My peehole is a bit larger than his. In fact, his is rather small in diameter. When he is erect, his glans is really, really shiny.

So, the first couple of times, we watched some porn, drank a beer apiece, and jerked each other off. It was nice. On the first occasion it took both of us about 1/2-hour of fondling before we became hard. (I'm glad I'm not the only one who can't get it up right away with a new person.) On the second time, we were both hard by the time we had removed our underwear.

We get together at his place. He's an architect, specializing in medium size shopping malls and YMCAs and occasional churches, and is doing well. He keeps his large, elegant house warm, so it is easy to be naked there with him. We hang out in front of his large - very large TV, where he has some sort of hookup with his computer. We both like various unusual types of porn found on the Internet. No young stuff, though. We are both in agreement about that. Having both been molested by our own fathers, we realize that kids, even late teenagers, heck even 20-somethings, get all mentally screwed up. Their bodies react positively to the attention, and so they start to believe they are little perverts. It becomes very heavy for some youngsters. Some have even committed suicide over it, but others, like both Earl and I, just have trouble making friendships, and other issues. He and I are becoming friends, but it is slow and hesitant. We're like jack off buddies, but we don't hang out and watch football, go camping, or anything like that. I think I'd like to be 'one of the guys' but I don't really know how.

Another similarity between us is that we're both married to women who like us as we are. But the women don't 'put out' as much as we'd like, so we decided it is totally OK to get off with another guy, thereby taking the sexual stress out of the marriages. Neither of us have told our wives what we're up to - at least not yet. The thought of that conversation with my wife Pattie scares me to death!

Anyway, the point of the story: I thought I knew what edging was. You bring yourself to the brink of orgasm but you stop so you don't ejaculate. After a while, you do it again, and again, and you can last all afternoon. Earl and I had been doing some edging in our get-togethers. Or so I thought. But the other day, Earl was laying back on his sofa. I was kneeling on the floor wanking him, while we had this beautiful video of a shaven, young, skinny girl being masturbated by a guy playing. You couldn't see anything more than the arm and hand of the guy, because the scene, which lasted quite long, was a close up of the girl's crotch. He was lightly rubbing her clit, and every minute or two, she'd orgasm. You could see her asshole contract several times during each orgasm, and a drip or two of fluid would run out of her vagina and over her asshole.

She was in heaven, as were we spectators. Especially Earl. As I sat on the floor, with my unattended cock waving in its fully erect condition, I was bringing him close to orgasm. Edging. And he said "Wait." So I stopped for a moment so he wouldn't cum. Then, almost right away, he said "OK." I didn't get it at first. I figured I should wait until his orgasmic build-up went away. But he told me to resume almost right away. And this happened several times. I'd take him to the edge, he'd stop me, but then he'd insist that after only literally one or two seconds, that I start wanking him again. So, I'd wrap my fingers around his shaft, and slowly move up and down, and then after a minuter or two it was "Wait" and then after a second "Go" again. He explained that he was actually having some orgasms. I was incredulous, so he had me take my other hand, which had found my very hard penis in my lap and was idly fondling it, and put it between the bottom of his ballsack and his asshole. He had my press my fingertips there on his perineum, and sure enough, right after one of his "wait"s, I felt orgasmic contractions. But nothing came out. This guy Earl was having orgasm after orgasm without ejaculating. I was jealous! I wanted some of that!

So, we switched positions, and he did the same to me. It's so simple really: It's the edging I always knew, but you resume stroking right away after the briefest of pause. You stop just long enough to break the otherwise inevitable ejaculation, and after a few repetitions you have a dry orgasm. You stay hard, and can have another and another. Well, in theory. I came on the third wave. Big time!

I offered to give more of this 'proper' edging treatment to Earl, but he was satisfied. We're going to do it some more, hopefully a lot more, next week.



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