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Nostalgic Masturbation Fun!

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Sometimes I like to do some of the weird or silly things I did as a child to make myself cum. Everyone loves a little nostalgia.

I matured much faster than my classmates due to an undiagnosed hormone disorder as a kid. I grew breasts and started my period at a young age - filling a c-cup before middle school. I also started exploring my body young as well. Sometimes, when I'm really horned up but I like to do some things I did in my early masturbation days to get myself off as an adult.


Back then, I had a bed sheet from my grandmother that was always so nice and cool feeling. It was light and a little stiff. It had prominent seams and corners. When I started growing my boobs and realized how sensitive my nipples were, I would use whatever I could think of to stimulate them. One of my favorite things was this bed sheet.



I would lay it out horizontally on my bed, scrunch it together to form a long bumpy snake, and then take one end of the sheet and roll it into a spiral a bit, doing the same to the other side, making the spirals meet in the middle. I always made sure the stiff pointy corners of the sheet were centered in the spirals, and that there was plenty of the thick seams and scrunchy texture. Then, on all fours, I would slowly lower my hanging tits into the spirals just letting my nipples graze it. Moving back and forth very slow so I can feel every stiff wrinkle pass my pretty pink nipples. I'm so happy I have kept that sheet for all these years. I pull it out to play with when I'm feeling like revisiting those days.



Another way I love using this sheet is stuffing it into my pussy hole and slit. I have a very puffy innie and always have. Starting with my favorite corner, I spread my lips with one hand pressing the corner of the sheet into my clit - holding it there while I stuff more and more of the sheet into my slit. I would challenge myself to see how much I could fit inside of my fat lips sometimes too! Once I feel nice and stuffed, I cross my legs and rub my thighs together back and forth. Putting pressure on my over stuffed pussy lips causing my bed sheet corner to press hard on my clit. This gets me so wet.



Once my little pussy is dripping from all of the teasing I'm doing to myself, I cross my legs closing them very tight. I take the bed sheet in my right hand and pull it taught, slowly allowing the fabric to escape my thigh hold. This shoots sparks through my spine. When I'm thoroughly wet, I take the corner of the sheet, get it nice and wet with my juices, and then stuff it into my pussy as deep as I can. Pushing more and more of the bed sheet into my throbbing hole until I can't fit another thread. Then again, taking my favorite corner and pressing it to my clit. Stuffing as much of this end under my pussy lips as I can. Then I sit up, putting my crotch on the heel of my foot and I rock back and forth until I get close to cumming.



Once I feel close, I lay on my back with my knees bent and my hips in the air. I use both hands to tautly and slowly pull the sheet at both ends, stimulating my clit and my g-spot at the same time. It gives me such a rush and makes me feel warm all over. My bed sheet on the other hand, well it's feeling soaked by my spurting juicy cunt, 😋 




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