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North Africa Hotel Spa Massage Overseas

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North Africa Hotel Spa Massage Overseas

Hotel Massage and an Eye Opening view


This was on a recent business trip and I was really horny and hoped that if I went for a massage at the hotel Spa I may end up meeting someone for mutual masturbation in my room. That's all I wanted was to feel someone else take my big cock and masturbate me and release all the tension and feel that relief!!

Well..this was a very expensive 5 star hotel..and a huge Spa that clearly catered primarily to women clients. I asked about Massage and booked an appointment, went for a work out and shower and returned.

I went in the small room, stripped nude and lay on the massage table and covered my ass with a towel. Soon this tall thin fellow walks in, about 30 years old and is very friendly. I got up and shook his hand, standing there nude, soft cock on purpose as a discreet flirting. He said that I looked good and obviously work out..

I took that as a signal that he liked what he saw. My cock was soft but my balls were floppy and hanging down, my circumcised cock shrinks quite small when soft and I had my balls shaved and pubic hair shaved off too.

I lay on the table face down and he covered my ass and legs with a sheet, I told him that was not needed as I was comfortable, he said okay but better lock the door in case someone walks in. He started on my head and shoulders and as he reached down my back I felt his body occasionally press against my head..

he would reach down and press right to the crack of my ass AND I SAID THAT FELT AWESOME! I was getting hard, and I had positioned my cock so that it was pointing down so that when it got hard it would be between my legs and visible to him when he was doing my legs!!

Well soon enough he walked to the end where my feet were and my legs were together, he spread them a bit and I was sure he could see this rock hard thick cock pointing straight down!. He rubbed my feet and spread my legs even more and I felt the throbbing of my cock was visible for sure. Then he ran his hands up my legs one at a time and on the inside of my thighs and brushed "accidentally" against my cock a few times and I was showing pre cum for sure..I then said "you are making me feel really good".

He then lifted each leg one at a time exposing my cock even more and it was making me so horny the he said turn over. As I did I played dumb and apologised saying sorry about the erection it is just that I am highly sexed and horny..he said that's okay and by the way bet the women love that big thick cock....I said yes I have been very popular and love the feeling of my cock being played with, he smirked !!

I lay there fully erect and my cock was in the air and as he rubbed my legs my cock would settle down to my belly button then spring up and he laughed saying it is alive! I looked up and saw a bulge in his pants a huge bulge!

Then he moved quickly to my left and continued on my thigh and I placed my left hand and arm along the edge of the table and when he leaned forward he pressed against it..I got the nerve and placed my hand on his crotch with out saying a word...then pulled his zipper down...he then poured massage oil on my pubic area and balls and started to grab my balls with both hands..( I am hard now writing this and recalling that experience and will masturbate and cum as soon as I finish writing here!!)

I stick my hand in his open zipper and felt a massive hard cock, he pulled ot out and I gasped it was so big but so very long..incredible maybe 10 inches long!! He told me to lay on my left side and move to the edge of the bed, then he took my cock saying how hard it is and held it against his and I felt the two cocks touch it was so erotic. Then he said on your back!...I started to stroke his cock and felt it against my left side and then he grabbed my rock hard cock and started to stroke it while pulling down on my balls .....

Then as I stroked his cock I heard him moan and felt this wetness all over my side and stomach..warm wetness and I looked and watched as he spurted a thick creamy load all over me ejaculating. He moaned some more then scooped up some of his cum and rubbed it all over my cock and soon I came in a toe curling orgasm ..Cumming that left me breathless.

He quickly wiped up the cum and stuck his cock in his pants....and said well you have another 30 minutes of massage since you booked an hour!! He had me lay back on my stomach and then started the massage all over again and at the end had me turn over again and stroked my cock and made me cum....less cum ejaculated but it was a fantastic orgasm and felt fantastic.

He gave me his number to call for going out for a lunch sometime.but could not visit my room as an employee and the only way to see him was getting a massage or in my rental car. Sometimes we would drive near the airport and park on a secluded spot...and mutually masturbate each other..it was amazingly exciting..to see his huge cock in the sunlight and see his cum on his chest!

For the 5 weeks I was there we met up many more times for a massage and eventually he had me stroke his cock and place the head to my lips when he would ejaculate to taste his cum...I didn't like it and spat it out but was surprised how much there was, how slippery it felt in my mouth. he loved it.

He had me masturbate sometimes while he was giving me the massage and I would tell him when I was about to cum and he would finish me off. Some days I would go for a session in the morning and afternoon...each time I would cum twice in an hour...eventually just coming a couple of drop's as me had masturbated me empty of cum!

This was a wonderful friendship and very satisfying...... I felt very lucky to meet him....



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