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Nobody Knew

Posted by: Age: 14 then Posted on: 8 comments
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This is about my first time cumming outside. The title says nobody knew but that's not completely true. You'll see why.


It was a Saturday morning. I was at Katie's for the weekend but had the house to myself. Everyone had gone to a day-long party. I decided to take advantage of it and try Skyping with my boyfriend outside. We hadn't tried it yet and I really wanted to. I texted him and said to be in his room with Skype ready. Then I got into my new thong bikini, grabbed my laptop and rabbit and headed outside.

Once out there I sat in a lounge chair and got my boyfriend up on Skype. He got undressed and I took my top off. As I've said before I love touching my toy to my clit through my thong first.

I saw his penis and I think I started to lick my lips a little. In comparison to my rabbit, his penis is almost an inch longer but about the same thickness. I grabbed my rabbit, turned it on, and touched it to a nipple. While I did that my boyfriend began stroking his gorgeous penis.

Within a few minutes, his penis and my nipples were very hard. I moved my rabbit to my clit while he changed his stroking technique. He began twisting his hand as he stroked slowly. Precum was beginning to leak out. I love seeing that.

We both continued for maybe five minutes when he said, "You ready for more?"

"Yes please!"

"Okay. Pretend your rabbit is me. Are you ready to be fucked?"

Yes. Fuck me please! I'm ready."

I pushed my rabbit all the way in me. I began moving it in and out. My boyfriend matched his stroking to how I was using my rabbit.

That tingling felling began to flow all over me. 

I looked at him and said, "Fuck me faster, harder!"

We both increased our speeds. A few seconds later, cum began to erupt from his penis, the first shot hitting his chest. The rest pooled around his penis. My orgasm soon followed. As much as I tried to stay quiet, I moaned in ecstacy. 

Once we both came down from our orgasms, we told each other that we love each other then signed out. I rushed to get my suit back on and head inside.



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