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No Room On The Train.

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Well, it IS female solo really. I was on a train from Brighton to London Gatwick where I'm meeting up with Jayney. She has got me a surprise...(non sexual.....she's bought me some time in a simulator) and ....


in all my life I have never been on a train so packed! There was no room anywhere and I was standing in the aisle of a carriage being bumped around. The train gave an almighty jolt and I fell backwards ending up sitting on the lap of a teenage boy. At least I was sitting down! 

I tried to get up but the crush was just too great. Even the little space I was occupying had vanished. A woman, (presumably the boys mother) said "just sit there, dear. I'm sure he won't mind" so that's what I did.

As well as being packed, it was also the slowest journey I've ever had! They are working on the lines or something, but whatever, we rolled along in no particular rush, and I felt beneath my bum, the unmistakable feeling of a growing erection. I don't know how old this boy was, but if I had to guess I'd  say 14/15. No older. I am NOT interested in sex with anyone else at the moment, but that doesn't mean to say my evil side has taken a holiday. 

So, I augmented the movements of the train with a few buttock squeezes. At one point, his hard on was right between the cheeks of my arse. We rocked and rolled, and I squeezed. Then I felt him twitching, and not just twitching, regular pulsation and I knew I'd just made him cum in his trousers!

Well, we eventually rolled into Gatwick, and a lot of people poured out of the train. I got up turned, and thanked the mum, while snatching a quick glance at the boys trousers which, to my delight were visibly wet! 

Jayney was there on the platform to meet me and I told her of my little accident. "You bitch....hehehehe.....but then, I would have done exactly the same!"

Did it make me horny? Well yes. I can't deny that having a cock near my arse wasn't horny, and making someone cum like that is a definite turn on, especially as it may well have been the first time a girl made him cum.

So yes, wet knickers and tingling clit, but no time to do anything about it.

A 737 simulator is identical to the real thing! It moves, and it's thrilling. Jayney gave me several things to do, but the most sexy were the take offs and landings. Concentrating like fuck legs slightly apart and trying not to stuff it into the ground, not that it matters in a simulator. They guy operating the sim for us looked a bit bored with it all, actually. I suppose it is a bit dull, but for me I get it. I get how sexy Jayney finds flying. "You should try the real thing! All that thrust, especially if your doing a positioning flight and the aircraft is empty. It handles like a fast jet" 

All too soon, my time was up and after a coffee Jayney said "Well? Are you going to do something about it here, or on the train?" I looked all innocent and said "What do you mean?" Jayney just gave an egsagerated sniff and said " your little cunny! I could smell you in the sim." I told her I'm on a solo diet for a while and she glanced around and said, "so? Do it here!"

I looked around too. I was sitting in a corner with Jayney opposite me. There were others in the coffee shop, but no one was looking at us, so I slipped a hand up my skirt and rubbed one out through my knickers, feeling a delightful gush of wetness as I came. I've always loved wet knickers. Everything about them. Making them wet, cumming in them, peeing in them. Everything that is delightfully sexy or naughty, I'm up for!

Over the next few weeks, I plan to do a lot more cumming in my panties, and peeing in them too. I like an audience, so I may well do things where others can see!

As for th boy on the train, well, I wonder what his mum said when she saw the stain on his trousers....AND when she washed his pants! Dirty little fucker....no, that's not fair at all. Why teenage boy wouldn't get a hard on if a sexy 19 year old sat on his lap,and started squeezing her bum over his cock? I hope he enjoyed his cum, but better still, I hope, even as I'm writing this, that he is wanking off over me!



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