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Nipple Obsession

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I had no idea what he'd do but the element of thrill sustained me.


This took place about three weeks ago when some strange force compelled me to let a near stranger dominate me. I'll save the backplot and get to the good bit. It was late evening after leaving a club early. We went to his and I allowed him to strip me naked and tie my arms behind my back, and my ankles together so I couldn't move. I had no idea what he'd do but the element of thrill sustained me.

He remained fully clothed and started by running his fingertips up and down my body. It was very calming and pleasant, I became instantly relaxed. Suddenly he pinched both my nipples and held them between his thumb and index finger. After this he led me to a chair and tied me securely to it and began slowly rubbing the tips of my nipples in circular motions. This felt unbelievably intoxicating at first and I could feel my clit begin to throb. And then he didn't stop. It was like he entered into some sort of trance in which his middle fingers could not stop rolling my nipples. The motion became very rapid and I could hear his heavy breaths behind my head.

My poor nipples became hard, erect, engorged, and a little sore, but all the while I was dripping. It must have been no more than 15 minutes but it felt like he rolled my nipples for hours. He took me to his bed where he had me on my back, arms tied above my head, my folded up legs tied as far apart as they could go. What happened next was more extraordinary than I could believe. After he pressed a button somewhere on the bed, two metal rods emerged my way. He made sure one entered my ass, and the other my pussy. He adjusted them so that the rod in my ass moved slower than the one in my pussy. I was completely motionless, breathless and full of adrenaline.

Next, he got out two egg vibrators and held each one tightly onto my nipples. So sensitive from the 15 minutes of rubbing, that the vibrations sent shockwaves through my breasts.. He made both rods move faster in and out of me. As I was lying helplessly on his bed, he continued to use my nipples relentlessly. It was almost like the way he played with them was mechanical as the machine rods madly pumping into my holes. He attached a clothespin on the tips of my nipples and flicked the ends of the pins so rappidly that my nipples began to feel a little numb.

At this point he began to drip hot droplets of wax on my tender nipples. I began to wince as the wax piled on. Having the dried wax peeled off was one of the most curious and erotic sensations. Then he got a little device which looked like a spiked wheel and ran it all over my red sensitive tips. I thought I couldn't take it. Finally, he pressed a large vibrator against my clit and held it with one hand as he used the thumb and middle finger of an open hand to roll my nipples simultaneously.. The orgasm made me pass out. I woke up about 10 minutes later to find my nipples tied with tough string and suspended with a large weight from the ceiling. The stretching pressure was almost too much to bare but also carnally good.. As I awoke, he brought the vibe back to my clit and my hips bucked, which made the pull on my nipples extremely intense, so I tried to keep still as he made me orgasm 3 more times.



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