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New Year's Eve Outdoor Cum Fun

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A young woman I’d previously gotten off with on a camping trip takes my cum a couple of times on a rainy New Year’s Eve…

I earlier wrote a story about a camping mutual masturbation session with a young woman I knew (“Camping Shoot Off 1” or something like that). Fast forward to the subsequent New Year’s Eve and the same idiot from the camping story (Dave) was hosting a NYE party at the house he rented in suburban Vancouver. Carole, the young woman from the camping J.O. session, was also in attendance. Although I found her a bit skanky, she had a decent little body, was horny as fuck, and, as I said, there.  We saw each other and sexual tension immediately reared its head. The party was pretty crowded and there was little chance of privacy, even for a short time, in the house. That left outside and although it was raining fairly heavily, temperatures in the Vancouver area tend to be pretty mild in the winter. The house also had a covered carport in the back with a picnic table that offered some shelter.


I asked Carole if she wanted to go outside and she said, “Sure…do you have a condom?” “A couple, actually,” I replied, so she went out the kitchen door while I headed back from the front door. We met underneath the carport (well off to the side of the small kitchen window) and soon had our tongues jammed down each other’s throats. She whispered to me that she wasn’t wearing panties and, unbuttoning her blouse, I discovered she didn’t have a bra on either.



Her titties were modestly sized, but her nipples were really prominent. I felt her up good and tweaked her nips into glorious erection, before pulling a condom from my jeans pocket and stepping out of the jeans. I unrolled the rubber on my throbbing hard-on, leaving some extra space for my big ejaculation, and told Carole to bend over the picnic table. She did and I threw her long skirt up over her hips. I slowly shoved my cock into her very hairy cunt and enjoyed her exquisite tightness. I’ve never been in a tighter vag in my life.



I thrust slowly in and out of her sweet hole and enjoyed the slight grunt she gave every time I sunk my meat to the balls. I realized I wouldn’t be able to withstand much more, so said to her through gritted teeth, “I want you to cum with my cock inside you! Play with your clit!” She slid a hand down the front of her skirt and started rubbing away. She soon came, crying out gently, and I thought I felt the contractions of her cunt. That did it for me…I humped frantically and blew my juicy load as I pressed my cock into her as deeply as possible. After I recovered, I pulled out and proudly showed Carole the jizz-filled rubber before tossing it into a nearby garbage can and putting my pants back on.



We re-entered the house and rejoined the party. After maybe an hour, I realized I was still horny and sought out Carole. Our eyes found each other and I flicked my head towards the carport. Carole nodded and headed for the kitchen door again, while I exited the front door, telling some friends I was going to my car to roll some joints. I slid around to the back of the house and wrapped Carole in my arms, pressing our groins together and squeezing her cute little boobs from the front. I wordlessly bent her over the picnic table again, got her skirt out of the way, put on another condom, and dropped my jeans.



Having had a big nut not that long before, I was able to fuck Carole hard and fast without falling prey to a premature cum in her tight, wet cunt. Eventually, though, I could feel another cumshot building up in the region of my asshole and went for it as Carole moaned and masturbated some more. She had another orgasm, I pulled out of her vagina, and I tore off the rubber. Carole’s tight little ass and hips filled my eyes as I jacked away on my hard, curved cock. I was starting to wonder if I’d be able to cum again when Carole settled the matter by reaching back and caressing my drawn-up balls.



I hit the glory strokes and unleashed another big, spurting cumshot over her butt cheeks and the small of her back, pulsing pleasure wracking my genitals. I grabbed some paper towels and wiped my semen off Carole and cleaned my hands and dick. I noticed Dave gawking at us through the kitchen window, so disposed of the second condom in the garbage can and waved at him. Carole and I and a few friends then left the party and hit a nearby bar. The party was slowing down and Carole and I didn’t have any jam left!






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