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New Ways

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I thought that I would tell you how my day went. God I'm still shaking, it's hard for me to type. You'll soon find out why I'm still shaking. I'm exhasted. I guess I'll tell you about my entire day. This morning around 1 am before I went to sleep, I was thinking about my boyfriend and got really horny. The night before (last night) I was reading some new techniques of masturbation from women around the world. I stumbled upon an article titled, 'Crest' I thought, 'I hope this has nothing to do with toothpaste.' Turns out this woman described how she used her electric toothbrush to masturbate with. There giving the meaning of the title. She uses a Crest Spinbrush. I was intruiged but a little creeped out. I remembered that I had an electric toothbrush packed away. Well I got it out thankfully it was still charged and went at it. I put the spinning(more vibrating than spinning) head on the left side of my clit since it hurt to put it directly on it. I was becoming really aroused but still felt something was missing. Oh how I wanted his cock inside of me. I got up, and looked for something to put inside myself. I didn't want anything too big or too small, something just to fill me enough. I found a bottle of lotion. I never liked the way it smelled but the plastic bottle was the perfect size. about 5-6 inches long and an inch/ inch and 1/2 in diameter. I don't care what the mesurements are all I know is that it fit perfectly. It hurt going in at first, since I haven't been penetrated much , just that one expierence(a bad one) and my fingers and a guy's... I imagined it was his dick in me not the bottle. It felt so good, I turned on the toothbrush (i know it sounds weird but it felt so good) and my left had was moving the bottle in and out and my right hand was holding the brush on my clit. I was in ecstasy. I had never felt anything like it. I've always just rubbed my clit with my fingers and I thought that was great.. Boy was I wrong. usually i'm pretty quiet when i cum but this time i had to turn on my side and muffle the sounds with a pillow. I was imagining it was him fucking me and I was moaning his name. I had the most intense orgasm I've had in a long time. i was spent, i fell asleep immediatly and woke up an hour later and realized that i still had the bottle inside of me. i turned off the brush right after i cummed cuz it was so sensitive. God, it was amazing. I woke up early this morning and waited for my grandpa to leave before i went back to this site to look for some more techniques. Most were stuff i've tried but i wasn't satisfied so i never tired them again. Then I had some breakfast and waited for him to call. I loved talking to him and hearing his voice. While i was talking to him I was playing with my pussy and clit. I couldn't wait to try what I did last night(rather early morning) again. After i got off the phone I went to my room, got naked and thought that i would try the same thing with slight variation. I almost always masturbate while I'm on my back but i thought i'd try it on my stomach. I was already wet and i put the bottle in me and straddled a pillow. i used the brush again and layed on my tummy. i was having so many intense feelings going through my body all at once.it didn't take long, i moved my hips over the pillow so the bottle would hit all the sensitive spots and since i was alone in the house i didn't hold back and screamed, 'AHHHhhhhh!!!' as i cummed. Another intense orgasm. i layed there for a while thinking of him while listening to my heartbeat coming down. my body was still shaking and i could feel my vagina loosing it grip on th bottle. i was literally weak in the knees. it took a couple minutes before i could stand up with out falling. I went and layed on the couch waiting for him to call again. i was anxious and waiting for him so i cleaned a little. Well after the second time talking to him today, i thought that I would have a little water fun. Why i was so horny today i don't know. usually it's only once every couple of days, but this was the third time in one day. i loved the feeling of something in me as a orgasmed so i thought i'd take the bottle with me. i got the water running turned on the shower and undressed. my pink panties were already soaked. i smiled. i detatched the shower head from the base ( you know those massaging kind that unhook) and switched it to the pulsating stream. i layed down in the tub and put the bottle in, still wishing it was him... not the damn lotion, but hey it'll work for now. and adjusted my body, legs open and with my left hand opened my pussy lips and let the stream flow right on my clit. It felt like a thousand fingers massaging me at one time. It was a wonderful feeling. And with the new added bonus of something inside of me, i was in heaven. i was squirming, from all the sensations ripping though my body, in the water (i let the tub fill while i was using the shower) and my ears were underwater and i could hear every breath i took and every moan. hearing my self with such detail made me even hornier. the water self wonderful, but i was again thinking of him. I wanted his toungue to be giving me all those feelings. I cummed again. third time in one day. i just lay there breathing and listening to my heart beat. it sound more powerful since my ears were underwater. i opened my legs a relaxed and the bottle slipped out. after a few minutes, i gained control of myself, sat up and washed up using my favorite soap, Caress, and rinsed off. I got out and dried off slowly still shaking from what happened and thinking about all the fun i had today. Then i slipped into my jeans and shirt, no underwear cuz they were wet from before and no bra cuz i didn't feel like it. then i got on the computer and started writing this. now you know why i was shaking earlier. hope you like the story. it's 100% true. you all have shared so much with me i thought i would share my story of today's fun with you. I've never shared any masturbation stories with anyone. it's great to know that i'm not the only one doing it. :)



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