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New Starter at Work

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Great time on Easter Sunday


This happened to me just today, it was great. We have a new starter at work.  She is the first since I have been there (around four months) so I was excited, but when I saw her I was even more excited if you know what I mean. She was beautiful, me being large I would have no chance with her so when she was told to work with me I was being nice to her as I would anyone, she was nervous as it was her second day.

We were getting along well chatting about things. I was soon trying to get a glimpse up her skirt as we went about our work. I have a camera phone and I decided to attempt to make a movie of her to wank over that night, so I did. Several one minute movies later I got the courage to get about five seconds of up skirt footage. UMMM what can I say, although the image is fuzzy and a little dark I am sure I can see her mound through her skin coloured tights.

As soon as I saved the movie I was in the toilets giving my cock a pounding, after I came all over my hand and phone I went back to work. I felt satisfied but looking at her and working around her was making me horny all over again. As we were speaking I told her how on my first day all my money went missing out of my coat and mentioned I now have a locker. She was shocked and told me she left her bag in the locker room. I innocently said do you want to put it in my locker, she jumped at the chance.

I took her to it and told her she could use it every weekend (when she was in). I gave her my spare key and told her to shove her bag in, she did so and we went back to work. I only had half an hour left by this point so I was excited to be going home and look at the movie on my computer in full screen. When my time was up I left her to carry on work as she still had six hours left and went to my locker forgetting about her stuff. I got my stuff out of the locker. Seeing her bag gave me a great idea. I looked inside and I found her phone, her purse, some loose change, make-up, chocolate wrappers and a mirror (no panties tights or bras that I have seen in loads of other girlís bags that were out of reach).

Anyway I was real horny and just wanted to shoot my seed on something she would touch. What better than her make up that she would have on her face and lips. I took her face powder and applicator and rubbed it up and down my cock right there as no one was around. I made sure I got a bit of the cum I did earlier out of the tip of my cock and into the powder and the brush. After that I did the same on her bag, rubbing some cum into her bag straps and buttons. I then took her lipstick, lip gloss and phone into the toilets again for some fucking. I started by sucking the outside of the lipstick like it was a dick (Iím not gay in any way) I did this for about 3 minutes whilst just stroking my cock. I then opened it and kissed it like I was kissing her lips.

At around this time I put the up skirt movie on my phone set it to loop and put it on the floor. I watched it whilst kissing her lipstick. I took her phone to get her number so I could call her and get off telling her what I wanted to do to her but I couldn't turn it on so I will have to ask her for it next week. I Got her lip gloss opened the lid and put my foreskin inside it getting some of the gloss on my cock tip. This acted as great lube mixed with my cum for the wank ahead. I knew I could cum in about 10 seconds of hard action because I was so horny thinking about her and looking at the movie of her. I put the gloss down planning to cum in it when I was done I then got the lipstick and pushed the end all the way out and started sucking it imagining it was her sucking my cock. I pressed the tip of it under my foreskin and sucked off my spunk. I did this a number of times it was so good.

After around 5 minutes of hard wanking starting and stopping I wanted to cum really bad so I opened the small container of lip gloss and pointed in the rough direction. I came just 3 strings as I hadn't had much time to recover from the last wank. I came in the gloss as well as on the floor I finished up after sitting there just rubbing cum around the lipstick and the lip gloss. I cleaned up myself and any stray cum and made sure there was a good load left in her lip gloss container and closed it before returning it to her bag. When she uses it next time she will be putting my cum directly on to her lips I'm so horny now thinking about that ummmm I'm going to look at the movie now.

If any of you want to hear any more adventures please leave some comments on this story. Or if you have any ideas of what you want me to do with her stuff next week tell me and I will see what I can do and tell you about it.



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