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New Hobby Part 2

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New Hobby Part 2

Part two of my new hobby...voyeur rideshare driver


This past week I found some free time, so I posted an ad on Craigslist looking for a couple to have some fun in the backseat of my car.  I made sure I included in my ad that it was a German sedan and wasn't able to accomodate large people.  I especially didn't want anyone kicking the front seats or damaging my speakers.  So I wanted petite/small people.  I got an alarmingly large number of responses that I had to screen.  So many BS spammers who make it tough to even use the platform to get some action.  I ended up with 10 real couples, some of which didn't fully read the ad😐.  I ended up choosing two couples and made two time slots giving me a couple hours for each.  That should be plenty of time I thought.  

To authenticate the experience, I notified the couple that I was outside, and for them to summon a ride.  Sure enough I soon got the hit on the app, accepted and was given directions to go around the block...wtf?  Ahh it was the app telling me to go around because I had passed the house up, so lame.


The couple was younger, in their 20's both were small the dude was around 5'6" and his girl was 5', she was a tiny thing, mixed Asian and white, with some glorious fake tits a tight but and waxed pussy.  He was a dude, I'm not into guys looks, so can't really comment.  We get the small talk out of the way and they ask me if they could smoke some weed.  Oh hell no, not in my new car, probably burn a hole in the seat.  So I pull into a parking garage so they can have at it.  We get out and I check out this couple.  Man I'm sure they could pick up what I was thinking since I blatantly eyeballed the woman.  She was enjoying my reaction because she says obviously I like what I see.  I'm so used to being aroused, that it doesn't bother me to show it.  It's something I've gotten used to.  She says that it looks like the family genes have been kind to me.  I'm just smirking and enjoying the increasing pressure of my cock getting harder in my jeans.  I'm not paying attention to the dude at all, but soon notice the dude is looking at my bulge as much as she was.  Hmm, I've had a few encounters but ultimately I can say that I am not attracted or even find men appealing.  So I basically tell these two that we should get started because I had to meet another couple in a few hours.  They seemed disappointed so I said that I wouldn't want to drive all over while someone was fucking in my back seat.  Too much of a tease for me to deal with.  

So we get on the road.  I drive through back streets at first so they wouldn't shrink up because of the traffic.  They are making out in the back seat opening their mouths and feeding each other their tongues.  So I see the girl disappear so I adjust my rear view and see her head bobbing on the guys cock.  She was really gagging and I could see her head around belly button level...this dude must have a pretty good size cock I thought to myself.  I can hear moans and slurping sounds but for some reason I was distracted enough to find myself in some canyon where the road was extreme enough to demand two hands on the wheel and eyes on the road.


I continue to hear more kissing and moaning as I steal a peak of the two naked now hands all over each other.  She has killer tits and my poor cock stood lonely while I kept two on the wheel.  Just as I was pondering what I should do I feel a hand grasping for my bulge, I look over and it's the dude.  I pull over on the shoulder and ask him what the fuck he thought was cool.  He started stammering and his woman cut in and said she loves watching him play with men, and hoped I wouldn't mind.  I tell them how I felt about that.  And suggested an idea.  She would ride upfront and while she played with me, if I felt another hand, I wouldn't care.  Told them that there was plenty to share.  She was out the door before I even finished and grabbed for my jeans.  I said to hold off and got out of the car and pulled off my jeans and boxers allowing my cock to spring free into that cold night


I got in and turned on the seat warmers and settled in before I started driving again.  She grasped my cock with both hands small in size there was a big gap between her thumb and forefinger.  She slowly stroked KGB cock commenting how ducking hard it was.  She said she has never seen one get as hard and stick straight up like mine.  I just told her she will again, that I'm not unique.  She took me in her mouth occasionally but it was kind of obvious that the couple wasn't going to allow her to do much more.  While I drove she continued to stroke me twisting her hands as both went up and down the shaft..  She milked the precum and smeared it all over, even sneaking a quick taste of it while her boyfriend stroked himself in the back seat.  I was so hard and getting pretty close, I demanded her to stop for a moment explaining that if she could edge me a few more times that she will see a jizz explosion with a vast amount and velocity.  She agreed and said she loves that and it's been awhile other than watching porn.  She edged me so close to where I was squirming to hold off, I almost drove off the road holding back.  She edged me close and backed off, her hand glistened with precum wetness which I'm known to leak out like a river.  She seemed to enjoy it since she kept taking those fingersninto her mouth, even to the point to true to milk and extract all the precum I'd have as she brought me close.


I had now pulled over on some dark street.  Most homes were dark as it was late.  She stroked and sucked my cock with great skill, and as my orgasm got close and I vocalized its presence, I felt a hand of another grasp my ball sack and pull down and Then felt a finger push against my taint as she finally pushed me over the edge.  Have you ever cum with someone where they just laugh at the amount?  Both were locked in as each spasm sent another heavy rope after another into the darkness of my car.  I felt a bunch hit me, but most disappeared into the darkness.  The number of spasms is unknown but both started laughing as they kept coming.  Spasms stopped a moment and I'd have another and finally the volume had come and I was left with the waning spasms of post orgasm.  

This is the one problem with this whole thing.  My volume makes a bit of a mess , so next day clean up is pretty extensive.  I dropped them off and was able to survey the scene.  I couldn't go pick up that other couple, there was a odor of fresh cum that engulfed my car, and it was pretty obvious.  So I called them up and apologized, and hope next week I have free time to give them a ride.  

A funny note was that I didn't cancel the trip, so the couple was going to get a big charge.  But I ended up contacting support and cancelled without charge...that wouldn't be cool.  Me and the guys girlfriend have gotten together a few times since....look how dirty her room is.  Told her that and she got so pissed and wouldn't come out to play after that... lol



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