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New Friends

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I was very fortunate to spend some time sitting beside a sexy, witty and engaging younger woman on an overnight flight recently. We were so wrapped up in what we were talking about, we stayed awake all night (except for a little snooze for me, at one point). It's funny how life works. Out of the blue you meet somebody that you click with and very quickly get close to and bond. Is it the mystique of opening up to a stranger in the middle of the night, lights low and the mood just right or is it just the need to find like minded people who will not judge us for who we are deep down, 'our slut side'. So here's the perfect chance, a stranger who we may never see again and we take a chance. I've discovered when we take the chance and go for it we get our best experiences. Others are starving for the same acceptance. We want to learn more. I feel it's a natural human need we have just to be accepted and loved for who we are, no matter our level of experience or kinkiness. So if you can't actually be doing it at the time, the next best thing to do is talk about it. This is what happened on this occasion. Astrologically we seemed to match each others' interests. Soon we were talking relationships and sex. It was apparent that she was feeling very comfortable with me as I was with her and we trusted each other. Soon we learnt about each others life and started sharing our dirty little secrets.....


We shared our deepest fantasies, sexual life experiences, talked about how and where we lost our virginities and so much more. I don't mind confessing (especially here) that I was very very horny and excited. My cock was so throbbing hard under my pants. I explained to her that due to circumstances, my wife and I had not 'connected' in awhile and I was quite antsy. Masturbation is always great but intercourse does have it's own magic, doesn't it? I was secretly wondering how our open and explicit conversation was affecting her, was she starting to get aroused as well and how wet was her pussy? (Yes, that's the male sex brain working away. We're always thinking sex, looking for sex and new stimulating thoughts for the next time we need to get off.)

I shared secrets with her that I have shared with only very few people. I explained the sexy antics my wife and I have engaged in. She talked about her husband whom she obviously loved very much and who treated her very well, orally and in other ways. She mentioned his nice big size cock and told me her favourite position (on top as she can grind and find just the right spot to touch her inside)(Confession time..... that mental visual picture of her doing that was a great backgroud thought as I was making love to my wife recently and afterwards when she jacked me off to a twisting and shattering orgasm with a raunchy old fashion handjob as I was lying on my back.)

My sexy new friend wanted to know tips on how to really please him and 'blow his mind' sexually. Being a double Scorpio and a student of Human Sexual Relations I naturally wanted to help her be the best that she could be sexually. She certainly wanted to learn and as it was apparent she was a 'natural' with a strong healthy sexual libido. As she had kids she also qualified as a foxy MILF (a sexy desirable 'Mom I'd Like to Fuck' for those who don't know). Because of our relative ages and my extra life experience in this domain we explored the male sexual brain, (yes, the big one in his head as it definitely affects the little one in his cock). Seriously our human brain is our biggest sex organ. I told her men are visual creatures. They love stories of what you like. I feel men are basically insecure and need to know they are pleasing you. Telling him stories real or fantasies gives him a glimpse of what gets you off and he learns from that. I learnt that she loves to suck his cock and she masturbates to those thoughts and memories. I could not help but imagine her sexy mouth and tongue expertly teasing and sucking his life juices as they exploded in her mouth. (Confession time....I just masturbated and came to that very picture in my mind earlier this morning when I woke up in my hotel room.)

I shared this site with her as a natural place to 'get inspired' sexually and not be afraid to use graphic dirty words when telling him stories, he'll eat you up literally as you do it.

I trust, my new young friend, you will eventually read this contribution one day. When you do, please know I was there with you in spirit when you seduced your man the other night with those wild new ideas we discussed. I would love to know the details, at least the ones you can tell on this forum, those memories you jill' yourself to (details are always good ladies as they are the strokes of the brush on the canvas to that sexual masterpiece in our brain}. This is true for most males and females as well.

Well,that's all for now, more stories 'to come' later. There's more, I didn't even mention the slutty adventures of her Russian girlfriend K. Have a great time jackin' and jillin' everyone. Tell your stories folks it's fun for all of us and totally anonymous and secret. TTFN



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