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Never To Late To Learn

Posted by: Age: 81 Posted on: 10 comments
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Technique newly learned for masturbation.

Well, I never thought I would be writing a story like this at my age.  Truth is I really like sex, even at my age. Very hard to describe this here but I will try.  Recently I went to a new local lady for an erotic massage.  I love massage especially when sex is involved. I will call her Val because she advertises locally on a sex site. She is in her mid forties and really into sexual pleasure. She has taught me how to obtain the maximum amount of pleasure from solo masturbation. So here it is. Pleasure starts with deciding to masturbate. But now I call it self pleasuring.  Undressing in the bedroom begins the process if you do it slowly while thinking about the pleasure to come.  Words you use are important.  I call my nipples tits, use the word cock and balls and butt hole. I talk my self through what is to come while imagining being with her naked. I lay in the bed and open my legs.  That symbolically opens me to sexual touching. I start by running my fingers in circles around my tits about two inches from the nipple. Very feather light touching and gradually circle closer to my tits until I am finally touching them. That is when the real pleasure starts.  My tits are very sensitive. They become erect very quickly and I can feel as I lightly caress them, little electric shocks going right through my body but specially to my cock. My cock starts to harden but I don't touch it yet. Val has taught me that I need to honour the feminine side of my nature. (Yes males, we all have it, some more than others). I do that by using my middle finger to push between my balls in the sack while I imagine that I am pushing into a vagina. At the same time I push the head of my cock against my bellie and tell myself I am pushing against a clit.  I do this in  a circular motion for a while as the pleasure from my actions really starts to build. After enjoying those sensations for quite a while, I use my hand just to rub my now hard cock against my bellie. This can last for a long time as the pleasure is still building - by now it feels fantastic. Then back to male mode as I pick up my cock and stroke until I come with a really big cum.  Its always very salty - I always taste my cum. 



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