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Nephew Stays Over

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I woke up a couple of weekends now and while on the couch with the dog,  I heard what sounded like her vibrator going off. While standing by door,  I could hear her breathing heavy.  It sounded so hot and with her not being very sexual I wanted a chance to watch.  

So it's been a week since installing the camera.  My wife's nephew comes to hang for the weekend.  He is 19, and a horny guy, aren't we all.  My wife has huge breasts,  44 G cup size.  I have a couple of pics on my phone of them. He has mentioned them while drinking a couple of times.  I never showed him but joked about them.  That morning,  I was in my phone and the dog needed to go out.  My wife was asleep and I was out on couch with the nephew. It seemed like he was sleeping,  so I put my phone down and took dog out.  We were out for a while as she ran around.  We come back in and I notice my phone is sideways and still lit up. He is now facing the couch,  not on his back.  


I sit down and grab my phone,  I look at my tabs and I notice one tab was left open, it was my gallery and the picture was her breasts. Dirty bird.  Whatever,  I wasn't mad,  I was young at one point.  I hang out for about 30 minutes and he rolls over as if he just woke up.  We talk,  nothing crazy.  About 30 minutes later my wife gets up and comes out. He asked if he can shower and my wife grabs him a towel.  He heads into our room.  It seemed like he was gone forever. I didn't think anything of it.  He comes out and my wife makes breakfast.  



I head into our room to change out of my pj's. I go into the bathroom and notice my wife didn't hide her "shower toy". I look at her toy while brushing my teeth and I see something weird.  I grab the toy and to my surprise, I find cum on the end of it. It is a clitoral toy.  The cum is located on the part that would touch her clit. There was cum also in the holder it sits on. He must have either used the toy or cummed directly on it.  I left it in there,  as is, to see if my wife would notice. 



I went out to the living room.  Breakfast was ready so we went to eat and my wife went to shower.  I wondered if she would find it.  Me and the nephew at breakfast. He said nothing. My wife came out and gave me a look.  I said what,  she says nothing you dirty bird.. At that point I assumed she found the toy, but by her comment I'm thinking she thought it was my cum...



Later that night while we're all drinking,  she leans in and says, you're a naughty boy.  I saw what you did to my toy.  I just look at her. She then says, I I enjoyed myself too.  I said really,  she said yes. I licked what was left that didn't run down the wall.  She then said she took the toy and fucked herself thinking about me.  I got hard hearing her tell me the story but didn't think that was the time to tell the truth. 




The next day he went home.  As me and my wife had drinks that night, I waited for her to get tipsy and I brought up the toy and the other night.  She was shocked.  But the next drink she said, she couldn't believe she tasted his cum.  But it was kinda hot,  the whole thought of it all.  



That was one crazy weekend...






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