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Neighbours Undies

Posted by: Author: Age: 21 Posted on: 1 comments
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This is a story about me and my neighbour Ange


When I was 19 I was being the horny teenager I am and searching for porn and related topics on the net. I came across a website for a shop that sells thong's and see-through thong swimwear, the products were amazing. At the same time I was chatting to Ange, 2 years younger than me, 5 ft 5 about 90 odd pounds and a fantastic body, she also has a bf. She invited me to her 18th birthday party 2 weeks later and a thought popped into my mind to buy her some underwear.

I purchased 4 g-strings with minimal coverage and a boob tube top. When they arrived I bought an envelope and placed them inside. the day of her actual birthday I placed the envelope on her doorstep addressed to her but no clue as to who sent it. At her party 2 days later I snuck into her room and noticed one of the undies worn in her dirty undies pile and 2 more in her closet, while in the closet I grabbed a couple of pairs of her other panties, all thongs. Later on in the night I noticed the fourth pair sticking out the top of her pants I almost died right then.

I took the other pairs home and wanked furiously with them all night, some of the best wanks I had ever had. Over the next 12 months I bought her thongs on probably 5 or 6 more ocassions, at this stage I had a spare key to her house, which she didn't know about and would either place them into her closet or one time I got really daring and just left them lying on her bed, each time I would lay on her bed and wank myself stupid. A couple of times she came to visit me after I had made a "delivery" and asked if I had seen anyone around her house because someone was leaving undies in her room. I always replied no! About 18 months after I began, just before my 21st birthday Ange was once again chatting to me on messenger and she asked if I was the undie man, I had been caught, I confessed and apologised for breaking her trust.

She said it was no problem and she actually liked the undies and wore them all the time and even masturbated about the strange man leaving them for her, and she was glad that it was me. I confessed that I had also been taking other pairs to masturbate with and had masturbated in her room before, she didn't care!!! Wow I wanked right there and then. I said I wanted to make it up to her and give her some undies to her face she said "ok no probs anytime and thanx again." So the next day I bought some more, real sexy undies and went to visit her when she got home, I got there and apologised again before handing her some new undies and she said thanks and gave me a kiss on the cheek before asking if I wanted to see her wearing them?? I said yes!! so she ducked into her room and put a pair on and quickly came out did a twirl and ducked back into her room before returning clothed, it was a quick glimpse but an awesome one. I was so hard and she could see it. she then went back to her room and came back with a thong that I had given her about 3 months before and said take this home and take care of yourself with a devilish smile on her face, they were the pair she was wearing at work today and had masturbated about this moment, I said thanks and left to wank stupidly all night long. Since then we haven't talked about the subject but being xmas time anything may happen. I still have that dirty pair of undies she gave me in my bedside drawers and they get quite the workout.



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