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Neighbor's Mom in Great Shape

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I am a single guy who is still 'playing' the field. I date regularly but I haven't had a steady girlfriend for a couple of years.
My next-door neighbors are a married couple my age, Janie and Eric, who are very close friends of mine. We help each other out all the time and hang out a lot.
Last summer Janie asked a favor of me. Could I help move some boxes and backs into her apartment that her mom was dropping off? She knew that I had off on Mondays and both she and Eric worked. Her mom and dad were moving down to North Carolina and wanted Janie to store some valuables. I told her no problem as long as she showed up by noon since I had a tee time with some friends that day.
At about 10 that Monday morning the doorbell rang. It was Janie's mom Mrs. P. She was in her tennis outfit and apologized for being late. She explained how that she had raced over from her 'club' without even showering because she thought she was late.
I was wearing just a pair of gym shorts and quickly pulled on a t-shirt. I went down with her to her caddy and we started carrying things in. By the second climb up the stairs, I noticed for the first time what incredible legs Mrs. P. had. They were tanned and well defined from hours of tennis playing. This was not the first time I was meeting Mrs. P. I had noticed on previous occasions what an attractive woman she was for somebody in her 60s. By the third climb up the steps I was in a state of arousal. This was unusual in that I have always preferred tight, supple bodies. Here I was now getting turned on by a woman at least 30 years older than me.
I feigned fatigue on the fourth climb and sat down out of embarrassment because now I had a raging erection, which was impossible to hide through my shorts. Mrs. P. knew what was going on. She pulled up a chair directly in front of me and asked if she was the cause of my 'bulge.'
I stammered some kind of affirmative and she asked what exactly turned me on about her. I replied her legs. She seemed to be a little flushed herself and asked if she could tell me something in confidence. 'Of course.'
She explained she hadn't seen an erect penis in over 5 years since Mr. P. had heart surgery. She asked if she could see mine and that she would let me massage her legs. I pulled down my shorts and pulled my chair closer to her. I started rubbing her smooth, long legs. She reached over and started stroking my penis slowly.
Her breathing was changing and it was evident she was turned on. She stood up suddenly and took of her tennis outfit. I removed my t-shirt. I never realized how large her breasts were. I asked if she would take of her bra and panties. She said she was embarrassed because her breasts sagged so much. I started fondling them through her bra. I reached down and touched her pussy and couldn't believe how wet she was. We moved into the living room and lay down on the carpet. We just looked into each other's eyes while we masturbated each other. She came first with little sobs of pleasure. I came right after that and made a large mess we had to clean up. After about 10 minutes she started to cry and explained this was her first infidelity in over 40 years of marriage but she was still horny. We started kissing and fondling again. She finally removed her bra and we made love.
I have not seen or even spoken to Mrs. P. since that afternoon. I smile every time I see the small stain on Janie's carpet from my mess.
I now look at older women differently.



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