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Naked on Display

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This happened about two months ago, and I can't decide if I was caught by accident or on purpose...


My wife and I have a friend who comes over to our house just about every Saturday evening to hang out.  Her name is Jenny - she was my wife's roommate before we got married.  We now live about a half hour away from her.  One Saturday about two months back, my wife had to work, so it was just going to be the two of us.  This is a fairly common occurance, so it wasn't a big deal.  I know most stories give detailed measurements of the women involved (how does anyone know that stuff?) - suffice it to say Jenny is a very attractive, voluptous woman.

Jenny usually calls just before she leaves, so we know when to expect her.  My wife had already gone to work, and I decided to go for a run that afternoon.  I hadn't heard from Jenny so I knew I had at least a while before she arrived.  It's hard enough to convince myself to exercise, and if I waited until Jenny called, I knew I would use that as an excuse not to go.  So I headed out for my run.

When I got back, there was still no sign of Jenny.  I don't run with my phone, so I checked it for messages when I got back in the house.  Nothing - Jenny must be coming later.  I was about to shower when I remembered I had some laundry going in the basement.  Rather than put my clothes in the hamper just to move them down later, I figured I would put them in the next load.  I went down to the basement, stripped down to nothing (I was sweaty, after all), switched the laundry and put my clothes in the wash with the rest.

I was still panting pretty heavily, and since the basement is cooler than the rest of the house, I decided to cool off for a few minutes before going back upstairs to shower.  While waiting I suddenly heard - faintly over the sound of the washer and dryer - Jenny's voice coming from upstairs.  

My stomach lurched.  "Shit!" I thought to myself.  The only clothes in the basement were either soaking wet in the washer, or soaking wet in the dryer, and I didn't have a single thing on.  Did I miss her call?

I walked through the basement to the bottom of the stairs and called up to Jenny, "I'm in the basement, I'll be up in a minute."  I must have sounded panicked - not only because I was completely naked and stranded, but because I was still slightly breathless from exercising.  To get to any of my clothes in the upstairs, I was going to have to walk past her.

"OK! I have decided to sit down on the couch," Jenny called down.  She has a dry sense of humor, and this was her way of saying she was just going to relax while I did whatever I was doing, and not offer to help.  Okay by me. 

I crept up to the top of the stairs, and peeked my head around the corner.  All Jenny could see was my head.  Still shaking, I managed the following:

"Umm... I just got back from a run and all my clothes are in the wash, so I'm a little... underdressed.  Do you mind closing your eyes for a second while I get to my room?"

I don't know why I couldn't just bring myself to tell her I was 'naked'.  Maybe I thought that word would upset her.  Regardless, she just raised her eyebrows while closing her eyes at the same time.

You should know the way our house is set up: the basement door is off the dining room, and there is a straight shot from the dining area - through the kitchen - into the living room.  The couch faces in the direction of the kitchen, so anyone sitting there could look all the way to the other end of the house.  I was going to have to walk about 30 feet straight towards Jenny, fully naked, then turn right to go into a hallway and out of sight.

Eyes closed, Jenny says "Go ahead."

Legs shaking and heart pounding like a hummingbird's wings, I started my naked trek.  I found myself walking slowly, which of course makes no sense, but looking back I think I was trying not to make much noise.  Stupid, I know.  But that's how my mind was working.

After what felt like an eternity, I reached the point where I needed to turn into the hallway.  But instead of turning, I found myself frozen still, hands at my side.  I was standing naked, about 10 feet in front of a fully-clothed Jenny.  The tension of the moment was unbearable - I could tell that while I didn't have a full erection, I must have been visibly stimulated.

I will never know for sure why - I think it was because the sound of my footsteps stopped - but at that moment Jenny opened her eyes.

Our eyes locked, and we both took in a deep breath.  Part of me wanted to cover myself with my hands, but that didn't happen.  I stood absolutely stock still, and Jenny didn't move either.  My naked body was completely on display for her.  Her cheeks instantly turned a deep red.  I don't think either of us could really believe what was happening.  It was an honest accident, but neither of us was doing anything to change it.

After the longest second or two of my life, I managed to mutter in a calm but breathless voice.

"Sorry. I just threw my clothes right in the wash after my run...  Did you call?"

Jenny was speechless.  I think she was processing the sudden fact that not only was I naked in front of her, we were having a conversation.  I know I was.  Our eyes were still locked, neither of us having looked away from each other.

Another long pause.

"No." Jenny's breathing was labored.  It was dawning on her that I wasn't moving.

"My phone died, so I figured I would just plug it in when I got here."  Her voice was shaking. Knowing my nudity was causing this made my cheeks burn in response.

"Oh," I replied.  I still found myself unable to move.  Whether if was fear, arousal, or shock, I still don't know.  I think I just wanted the moment to last a little bit longer.

"Well, I should go take a shower.  Sorry to make you wait."

At this point, I saw Jenny openly look down at me.  Feeling her eyes on my naked body, slowly and unabashedly, was almost more than I could take.  I felt a powerful twinge which did not go unnoticed.

"Take your time," she said.  "I always bring a book to read."

"Ok, I'll see you in a bit."  With that, I turned and headed to the hallway.  But just before I got to 'safety', Jenny suddenly blurted out, "Do you want to watch a movie tonight?"

I turn around to face her again, feeling a flush that she has now prolonged this ever further.  I make no move to cover up, and lean on one leg while I answer.

"Sure.  Did you have something in mind?"

"Not really," she responds, somewhat slowly.  With each word, her eyes are spending less time on mine and more on my body.

"We could just... scroll through your Netflix queue and see if anything looks good."

"That sounds good to me."

With that, I turned around and headed into my bedroom to get a towel and the clothes I was wearing earlier.  I was in the clear - I could just head into the bathroom without being seen and it would all be over.  Once in the shower, I had one of the quickest and most powerful orgasms I have ever experienced.

Jenny and I haven't talked about this since, I think we both recognize that it was a fairly innocent mistake and it's best that we leave it at that.



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