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Naked in Front of Him

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In college I met a man who wanted to watch me masturbate, it changed my life.

When I was in college I had a pretty normal sex life with a girlfriend and masturbation a whole lot, as I'd done already for many years. That is, it was normal until I met Hugh. Hugh was older, and a well known radio personality in our area. We struck up a conversation at a party, hit it off, talking about music, and he invited me to his place for dinner sometime. Sometime came, and I went to his place, very lavish compared to all my college friends, and enjoyed a great dinner. Afterward we sat in his living room listening to music and talking and he asked a few questions about my sex life, which I'm always eager to talk about, and so, of course, I told him that I've always loved to masturbate and did it pretty often, and he said he was the same way, and masturbated often at the radio studio and we talked more and without realizing it I was falling under the spell of his voice and his presence as he talked about sex and stroking and cum and how good it feels and how much we both liked it, and so when he asked if I wanted to masturbate right then it was a surprise, but I didn't hesitate a moment to say "yes"! He said it would be very erotic if I would strip naked for him, and did I mind if he kept his clothes on, he was kind of chubby and I thought he might be embarrassed, and I said "yes" again to him and a very big thrill, like I'd never felt, gripped my body. I tried to be very cool as I peeled off my shirt and folded it and put it on a chair, and then unbuttoned my pants and took them off, and I know he was talking the whole time in his deep, melodious voice, but I don't remember what he said. Then I was standing there in front of him in just my shorts and very hard, a big boner showing, and for the first time I became aware that he was very, very excited by me and I looked and he was rubbing between his legs, but his eyes were on me. I turned just a little to the side and stripped off my shorts and let my erection show, bobbing in the air, so hard and full, and tossed my shorts on my other clothes and moved to sit next to him, when he stopped me. "Stand right there, let me see you." I stood and felt his eyes devour me. He unzipped his pants and pulled out a pretty large cock, I later learned it was nine inches and held it, hardly stroking, talking to me, exciting us both with his words. I felt naked like I'd never felt, like my whole body was visible to him, my front, my erection, were in his eyes. But also my ass, my legs, my back, my armpits, all of them were open to his view. I'd never felt like that before. "Turn around." I did. Happily, slowly, relishing the feeling. "Lovely ass." I felt a thrill when those words shook my ears. "Face me, nice cock." I turned and showed him my erection again, now even harder. "Stroke it", he said. I had stroked standing up many times, in the woods behind my house. I loved it, and had a particular stance, knees bent a little, crotch open, pelvis turned and undulating slightly, and that's what I did. He came suddenly with a couple of groans, and then I saw him spurt cum into his hand, lots of it as I was stroking. "I like the taste," he said, and licked some from his palm. His eyes caught mine, and he held the rest out to me. I hesitated, confused, shocked perhaps, torn. "Taste it," he said, and I bent down and licked the cum from his palm, and as I brought his cum on my tongue into my mouth that huge wave of erotic bliss passed again through my body. I smiled at him, uncontrollably, and he smiled back. I'd stopped stroking, and he pointed to my cock and said, "Now I want you to cum." I nodded. "I want you to cum in my mouth." I hesitate, pulled back, stopped stroking for a moment, but he looked at me and smiled, and in his beautiful, commanding voice said, "Please, I want to taste you." Electricity shot through me, and I stepped closer to him, and he slid down the couch until his face was inches from my cock. His hands slid up my thighs and to my ass, which he held tight. I was already tense, my body tight with the mounting orgasm, but it was long in coming, I was so intent on making sure my cum would shoot into his mouth. Then finally I knew it would, and let go, splattering his face with my juice. I sat down next to my clothes on the chair facing him. I'd never done anything like that before, and I'd never felt so aroused, ever!. But I was embarrassed and confused, too. I don't remember much, but I did leave and go back to my dorm room. He told me that I could come over any time, just call him, and though I wanted to the next day, and the next and the next, it was two weeks before I went there again. I walked in the door so eager!. My heart was pounding and we had hardly talked at all before I asked him if he wanted me to take off my clothes. He of course said yes, and then I was naked and erect in his kitchen and telling him that I wanted to taste his cum again. "Do you want me to shoot in your mouth?" he asked. Wow, I hadn't thought, hadn't even imagined that. But in an instant I knew that I wanted that badly. He right then pulled down his pants and sat up on the kitchen counter and told me to pull up a chair. He was hard, and for the first time I got a look at his really big cock. Straight, thin, with small, tight balls and lots of hair everywhere. My head was inches from it. Later, I would stroke it and caress his balls, but right then I was mesmerized again by his voice, and by the sight of his cock, and when he came I felt warm cum dripping on my face, and felt his cum again on my tongue and savored the taste, smiling. In the living room we repeated what I later called my "dance" for him. Naked, fully exposed to him, thrilled by his voice and his dark eyes, stiff and pink and erect, grinding in front of him before stepping close to fill his mouth with my cum. Again I sat across from him, and we talked and I 'confessed' how much I had thought of that first night and wanted to come back. It felt so good to tell him, I couldn't confide in any of my friends at school. He said he understood, and told me of the first time he masturbated another man after being stroked by him. At the radio station, late one night, the engineer came into the sound booth and said he was horny and wanted to jack off, was it ok and did he want to do it together? That night they both masturbated, and then the next week, the engineer took his hand and put it on his cock, and Hugh stroked him, stroked him all the way to a climax and held his cock while it spurted cum, and the cum went into his mouth whether he intended it or not, and a wave of excitement went though him. I nodded when he said that, "I felt such a thrill when that happened." Hugh said he masturbated the engineer a lot, and even though he only sometimes stroked Hugh, he said it didn't matter, he so loved feeling his cock and then he always took his cum in his mouth. By this time I was hard again, and very simply he leaned over and began to stroke me, one hand on my cock, the other holding my balls. I leaned back and enjoyed, now relaxed for the first time, and sweet with erotic joy. About a month later, I'd visited Hugh several times, and he loved talking to me about my sex life, and telling me stories of his. One night I mentioned that I'd put on my girlfriend's bikini, and found it very thrilling. Well, the next time I visited, Hugh pulled out a pink lace matching bra and panties to put on for my "dance". Wow, another surprise. I had never dreamed of that, but I was shaking as I peeled off my clothes, took them from his hand, and put them on. Hugh told me to sit down, across from him, and I was bathed in his gaze. I felt so wonderful. My heart was pounding, my nipples were burning and hard and my cock, hard as a rock, also felt soft, blissful, suddenly different, so beautifully erotic. After a while, Hugh came over and kneeled in front of me and rubbed me in my panties, it felt so good. And then his hand slipped between my legs, spread them wide, and began stroking me below my balls, telling me I was his beautiful girlie boy. Stroking hard there, between my legs, so hard and so strong and then calling it my pussy and soon I was grinding my pelvis, grinding my pussy, against him. I closed my eyes and between my legs was a pussy, and breasts filled my lacy bra, and I smelled of perfume and lipstick and wanted to grind against his hand more and more. Until without touching I came, in my panties, shooting cum onto my stomach, which Hugh gently licked. Well, you can imagine, I was never quite the same after meeting Hugh. I'm older now, and have a wonderful wife who thinks my hairy chest is so sexy in a bra. She was best friends of a buddy of mine, and before she even met me, she had tasted my cum on his lips, and asked to watch while we jacked together and ate each other's cum, and she said it was the most erotic think she'd seen in her life. And so I have a couple of cum buddies who come over to the house and that huge thrill comes over me as I strip naked in front of them, and now instead of Hugh's voice, my wife softly talks dirty, and directs us and urges us on while she masturbates, until her words dissolve into moans and she shudders in orgasms she never dreamed of before, and, falling asleep, thinks of new lingerie to dress me in.



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