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Naked In A Store

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For as long as I can remember I have always been turned on by strangers seeing me naked. Usually I showed off when I went to the gym, walking around the changing room bare-naked, but other people did the same thing so no one really thought it was a big deal. Recently though I was thinking about a new place I could show myself off and I had an idea. There is a store kind of close by I have been to a couple times, it is almost a cross between a music store/surf shop. It can get kind of busy on the weekends but I have been there on a day off during the week when I was the only one there.

I waited until a Tuesday morning and called in sick to scope the place out, and sure enough when I walked in the only person there was behind the counter. The girl looked like she was in her early 20's, was pretty outgoing and kind of had a hippie-themed outfit on; a big tie-dye shirt, worn jeans and even bare feet. I was actually kind of envious that I had to dress up for my job. She talked to me a little and I told her I was looking to see if they had any bathing suits on sale, being the end of the season. They did, and I decided to try some on, and luckily for me the rack was towards the back of the store close to the fitting room. I looked through them and grabbed a couple, and after I pulled the curtain closed I stated stripping off my clothes. It was a pretty warm day and I had on a tank top and shorts, so it didn't take much effort for me to be standing there naked. I tried them on for a minute or so then decided I was going to make my move. I stuck my head out the curtain and asked her if anyone else was in the store and she said there wasn't. I asked if she was sure and she was, and then I pulled it open and walked back over to the rack wearing nothing but my flip flops. She had kind of a surprised look on her face but I acted like it didn't bother me, and after a few seconds of her staring in disbelief I just smiled and said it would've been a pain to get dressed again just to grab a couple more things. I made a circle around the rack, giving her a perfect view of my tits and ass before I grabbed a couple more and went back in.

When I pulled the curtain closed I had to sit down on the bench because my legs were shaking so much I'm surprised I didn't fall down right in front of her. My heart was going a mile a minute and I was wet. I didn't even think about it, I just spread my legs apart and started rubbing. I know I was definitely making noise, not just from the 'squish squish' my hand was making on my wet lips, but I was breathing harder and may have even let out a little moan, but I didn't know how loud I really was. I guess it was pretty noticeable though, because after a minute or so I saw her bare toes stop in front of the curtain for a few seconds then disappear. Normally that should have made me freeze in fear, but that day it just made me need to cum more. I dug my finger in as far as I could go with it, and when I came I tensed up with my mouth hanging open, trying not to make a sound. I finally was able to take a couple deep breaths and calm myself down, dried myself off with a tissue I had in my purse and made myself look presentable again. I decided to buy a couple of them and after I put the other two back, I saw her almost giving me a curious smirk when I walked up to the counter. I tried playing it cool while she rang them up, but then she kind of leaned forward and whispered "were you masturbating in there?" I felt my face start to burn from blushing and I just nodded yes. She kind of giggled and said she thought so. I almost felt bad about what I did and started to say "I'm sorry, I don't know why I -" She then cut me off and said "no no, it's OK, it was just the two us here, don't worry about it." She then leaned on her elbows and asked me "so what's it like masturbating in public? Is it really exciting?" I was kind of surprised that she actually asked me that, and I just said "yeah, it's pretty fun I guess, that was actually my first time doing it." "It sounded like it, I'm going to have to try it sometime. Do you masturbate a lot?" "What?" "Come on, you can tell me, do you do it a lot?" "I dunno, usually once a day or so, sometimes I miss a day if I'm tired." "I'm about the same, sometimes I really feel horny though so I might masturbate 3 or 4 times if I'm home." "Yeah, when I was about your age I did it a lot more, my job kind of changed that though."

We stood there talking for a few more minutes before she said "I should probably let you go, but if you want to come back and talk I'm here Monday through Thursday, it's usually pretty quiet during the day." I appreciated the offer but didn't have much time off during the week, but I gave her my phone number and said she can text me any time. When I got back to my car I couldn't believe the conversation we had, and all I could think about on the drive home was having another orgasm. As soon as I got into the house I ran up to my room and tore off my clothes, grabbed my vibrator out of the night stand and fucked myself silly with it. After two orgasms I rolled over and fell asleep holding onto it, and when I woke up about a half hour later I shoved it back in for one more round.

Since that day we have texted back and forth a bit and she's actually a really cool, sweet girl. I suggested that we could meet up sometime for a drink and she said it would be fun. Maybe we might end up masturbating together? Who knows, but I'm kind of excited to find out.



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