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Naked For My Neighbors

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I did some calculations long afterward, and found out that my neighbor in the second part of my story could actually see all of me, while I didn't think she could.

Many years ago I used to live in a huge apartment complex for a few years. There were four apartments to a building and it was quite easy to see into my second floor bedroom and living room by some of my ever-changing second floor neighbors if I had my blinds open. Early on, I desired complete privacy, and thus closed my blinds by nightfall. I suppose that's not quite fair, since my curiosity had me checking out what I could see in their apartments. Anyway, one night there was a cute Asian co-ed studying at her bedroom window, which was about 80 feet away. And out of the blue, I had the delicious urge to have her see me naked, but I didn't want it to look like I was exposing myself deliberately to her. I already had my blinds pulled up about a foot above the window sill and had them turned ever so slightly open. To me this made it look I couldn't see out and forgot to lower my blinds, so taking my clothes off would seem natural. I did so on the other side of my bed, but right in her line of sight. Exposing myself to her had me instantly hard, and I gave myself a few strokes before I went to take a quick shower. When I returned still naked, she was still there looking in my direction. I stroked myself a few more times in front of her and then turned off my lights. I wanted to see if I had any affect on her, so I kept an eye out. She didn't disappoint. She kept her bedroom blinds open and light on while she took a shower and then came back into her bedroom naked, but she covered her breasts with her arms as she passed by her window. I guess she wanted to see what it felt like! She quickly put on a white tank top and bright red panties and came to the window to turn the light off before going to bed. I stripped for her a couple more times, but that was it. Excited by that interaction, I turned my sights to a young (probably early twenties) Asian couple that lived upstairs in the building next to mine. Their building was perpendicular to mine with our living room windows about 30 feet apart. They had no blinds on their windows and I had my blinds down but turned completely open so they could see in. Our living room dimensions were about 21 by 12 and I had an 84 inch couch in front of my window of the same length. The window sill was only two feet above the floor and the couch was a couple inches taller. I had end tables on each side and a nice low seated cushioned chair next to one end table, but well away from the wall and angled toward the center of the room. To sit in this chair and look at their living room, I'd have to turn my head completely to the right. So one warm early September evening as dusk turned to dark, I sat in the living room chair with just a pair of shorts on and reached over to turn the on lamp next to me. The couples' lights were also on, but I didn't see anybody home. All I wanted to have happen was to have the girl see my right arm moving, so she could tell that I was masturbating without her actually seeing me do it. I just didn't have enough courage to show her more than that with our windows being so close together. I had some porn ready to go, so I decided to start anyway, and pressed play. I got hard fairly quickly and lifted my butt up so I could pull my shorts down and off. I began slowly stroking myself and enjoying the familiar sensations that come with it. Every five minutes or so, I would scratch my forehead by my right eye, to block the light from the lamp as I checked to see if anyone was home next door. After about twenty minutes of playing with myself, I was beginning to get lost in the feeling of arousal and started to get the urge for that final release. I decided to check over one more time, so I scratched by my eye and looked over, and what I saw was the girl finishing pulling her white shirt over her head while looking right at me. She was now clad in just a matching dark green bra and panties. She walked towards her window, never taking her eyes off me, crossed her arms, and leaned to her left against the window frame. She could be seen by anybody walking by, but I guess that didn't matter! I then looked away like I didn't know she was there, and made sure my arm movement was more pronounced, so she'd REALLY know what I was doing. I checked a few minutes later and she must have seen me look over, because as soon as I did, she uncrossed her arms and put her right hand down in front of her panties and made the motion of a guy jerking off. I lowered my hand from my forehead and just looked at her. She smiled and motioned for me to stand up. I became flushed and warm. This wasn't what I had intended to happen. I enjoyed the thought of the unspoken, imagination filled side of it all. And here she was wanting to eliminate any mystery whatsoever. I did eventually slowly stand up and face her. The light from the lamp next to me illuminated my body. She just looked at my cock for a long moment, and then kind of nodded and made the stroking motion again. She wanted me to stroke myself in front of her, so I slowly took hold of my erection and began stroking once more. I just looked at her looking at me, thinking how surprised I was that I could do this in front of a complete stranger (albeit my neighbor). As I stroked, she did on a few occasions, slide her right hand into her panties. But not for very long. It didn't take long before I could tell I was close to cumming, so I briefly left to get a towel and came back and put it on the chair and faced the chair to give her a profile view. I resumed stroking and picked up the pace. Right when I was near finishing, I stopped stroking and kept my hand still as I began thrusting my hips back and forth so I was fucking my hand. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. On this occasion it did, as my knees started feeling weak and I started shooting ropes of cum onto the chair. I turned to look at her while I was cumming, and she seemed to have a very satisfied look on her face. After I was done, she made some clapping motions and walked away. Nothing like that ever happened again with her, but it sure did fuel many masturbation sessions afterward. Even to this day!



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