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Naked Bathtime Fun

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I have known one of my male mates for about nine years now and we have been best friends for as long as I can remember. We went to kindergarten and primary school together, but when it came to secondary school I went to an all girl's school and he went to an all boy's school.

When I stayed over his house or he stayed over my house, we slept in the same bed. But, when we were about twelve my parents set up a separate bed in the guest room and said that he had to sleep in there from now on. I didn't really understand why but we did as we said and he would always sneak into my room so we could talk and muck around before he crept back to actually go to sleep.

We were such good friends we went on holiday together and saw each other every weekend. When we went swimming on Tuesdays we always had a bath together afterwards. He and I both matured quite young so by 14, I was a size 34 C and had pubic hairs. One night after swimming we both got into the bath together as we did every week. Normally I wear bikini bottoms and top and he wears his trunks but that day he had put them into the wrong bag and his mum had taken them home. I told him not to worry, so squeezing lots of bubble bath in I turned around so he could get in naked first.

The bath was really bubbly so I couldn't see his privates even if I had wanted to. He told me he was embarrassed so I took off my bikini top and bottoms to make him feel better. It did. We splashed around playfully and played our childhood game of who could find the soap in the water. I was fumbling about in the water with him doing the same when I grabbed what I thought was the soap. It wasn't. He pulled back and blushed red as I giggled into the bubbles and apologised.

A few minutes later we were both relaxing top and tale in the bath tub with our eyes closed. When we were getting into position, he tensed when I touched his body but as we lay there he was still. We had been there for about two minutes when I heard slight splashing. I opened one of my eyes and saw little waves coming from where his groin area was. The bubbles had subsided so there were patches in the water where you could see through. I could see the tip of his penis just sticking out of the water and his fist slowly reach the tip and go back under the water.

I was embarrassed but liked the thought that I turned him on and he was masturbating in the bath with me. I could see him taking peeks at my breast which was slightly poking out of the water and I think he noticed that my nipples were getting hard. I moved my hand up and began to rub them so he could see. I saw him hesitate when he saw my eyes were open but he continued to rub his penis. I could see it bulging under the water. He was about six inches long far big enough for me.

He smiled at me knowing I could see what he was doing and he continued to rub it as I slowly spread my legs. I put one so it was hanging over the tub and began to rub my clit with one hand and my thigh with the other. I pushed a finger inside me and squeezed in my second with a sigh. This got him really excited and I could see it getting bigger and bigger. The feeling of the warm water gushing in and out with both my fingers inside me was exhilarating.

We were both getting faster when he stopped and sat up pulling me towards him by the arms. His legs went either side of me and mine went over his as he slid me towards him. I looked into his eyes and he kissed me, my first kiss and slowly ran his hand along my thigh his other pulling me by my waist into his body. My breasts pressed against his warm body and I held onto him kissing him again. I reached into the water and slowly rubbed his penis in my hand.

I continued to rub him up and down with more speed now. Powerful sensations ran through my body as his thigh rubbed against my vagina and clitoris. The warm water surged up between our bodies adding to this intense pleasure. He held me up by my waist to help support me and I grabbed onto the bath tubs sides as I thrust myself up and down faster and faster on his leg. Water sloshed out over the side of the tub as my body plunged in and out of the water.

I felt his muscles tense and his legs rise as he shot his load above water onto my breasts and stomach. Seconds later I followed on the downward stroke invigorated but exhausted. We sat there for a few minutes kissing, me in his arms with him now soft. When we got out and dried ourselves with towels he kissed me again and asked me to date him. I said yes of course.



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