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Mystery Girl

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This is a true story. The best day of my life. She stil gives me promising glances.


When I'd not long turned 14, it was 'Australia Day' (a celebration of my country's founding) and my family went to my mum's third cousin's house for a celebratory BBQ. She had two boys, a little six year old girl and a teenage girl who lived in their house with them. I knew all their names, except the teenage girl. We became great friends, got along really well. I got along really well with the rest of them as well, but she stood out. Then we were sleeping in the same room that night, watching a movie about drugs called 'Thriteen'. Then, she started talking about how the current scene of the movie was making her really horny. Suprisingly, it was doing the same to me, so I said, 'Me too'.

Then the vibes she was giving me took me over, and before I knew it, I was laying on top of her, and we were kissing like crazy. We were really careful not to make any noise, the adults were all still outside drinking.

She pulled off my shirt and then hers, and then I undid her bra. Then she started to undo my pants, and then I did the same...so on and so forth til we were both naked on the bed on top of each other making out. Then she whispered the best question I ever got asked.

'Do you have a condom?'

No, I didn't have one. Realising what that meant, I whispered, 'Damn!'. Then she proceed to going under the blankets and giving me the best hand-job I'll ever have. Once I'd came, she licked it all up, popped her head back next to mine, and whispered in my ear, 'Your turn'.

So then I proceeded to go down under the blankets, find the exact spot between her legs, and go from there.

By the way, I'd never done anything like this before, and have since lost my virginity, unless this counts.

So I started by licking my fingers and rubbing the top half of her pussy, and as I slowly made my way down with my fingers, I stuck my finger in there. The inside of her pussy felt really warm and wet and it only made me more excited and determined to make her come. After a few seconds of this I started to hear her moan quietly. I then took my finger out, licked it, and went back to what I was doing before, with two fingers this time. After a few minutes of this she started to make longer, more pleasured moans. I took the hint and stuck my fingers in deeper and quicker. Then she let out a loud, long moan a few more minutes later. By this time I was ready for more, so when I popped my head back next to hers, I whispered into her ear, 'Your turn again'.

But this time she did it a bit differently. We took turns and kept with that the whole night through.

I still don't know her name. We've had nights to ourselves a few times since, but I haven't seen her in ages.

I can't wait 'til next 'Australia Day'.



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