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My Wonderful Niece

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I have the greatest niece in the world. Actually she is my wife's niece but I claim her as my own. When I get horny and want something to spice things up all I have to do is call Debra. She loves to jack me off and watch me shoot my cum. She also loves me to play with her hairy pussy and make her cum her ass off. Debra is the hottest woman I have ever met. Like me, she can't seem to get enough.

Her husband and she are in their early 40's and she says they have sex almost every night. But she is always up for more. Like I say, all I have to do is call her and tell her I want to see her. My sister and her husband live out of town six months out of the year and I have a key to their house. That gives Debra and I an excellent place to meet. I met her there yesterday and as soon as we kissed, we tore our clothes off and jumped in the bed. We took turns feeling and rubbing each other's body. Debra loves me to stick this huge dildo up in her pussy and then play with her clit. The dildo is so large that it stretches her pussy to the max.

After massaging her clit for a few minutes she had her first orgasm. I managed to keep the dildo firmly stuck inside her pussy. Then she had a second orgasm, then a third and then a fourth one. Then came the part I love best, slowly pulling the big dildo out of her vagina. Huge amounts of girl cum gushed out of her pussy, getting all over me and her. Her thick black pubic hair is matted with her juice. It is then her time to work on me. She starts by wiping her pussy with her hand and rubbing her cum all over my face. I suck it off her fingers as she wipes. The taste and smell of her pussy juice is so intoxicating.

She then coats my throbbing dick with her pussy juice. She will even lube my asshole with her juice. Then with one hand she plays with my dick while her other hand plays with my balls. She starts jacking my dick, slow at first then speeding up. We have done it so many times that I no longer have to tell her what to do to get the maximum feeling from her hand. Debra can tell when I am getting close to cumming and she will insert a finger in my asshole and massage my prostate just before I start cumming. Then I cum. OMG what a feeling. It feels like my insides are going to shoot out of the end of my dick as thick ropes of cum shoot all over the place. She always aims my dick at her so that most of my cum will hit her body and face.

By the time we finish the two of us are a cum soaked mess. Then we lick each other clean before jumping in the shower. I certainly don't want to go home smelling like her delicious pussy and she does not want her husband to be sniffing around and smell cum. We get dressed and then hug and kiss for several minutes. My dick usually starts to twitch again from the kissing but we have to leave each other. We promise to meet again as soon as possible. We love our spouses but we love each other also. All I can say is, 'What a woman.'



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