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My Wife's Move From Bi-curious to Bi-sexual (part 3)

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This describes the events following those described in part two of this story


My wife Carole and I had lengthy conversations following the events described in part 2 of this story. We needed to decide whether it was a one-off thing to satisfy her curiosity, or something that could continue and develop. Carole said that when Holly left she had asked her if she would go to her house on the following Tuesday. She said that she had agreed provisionally, but that if it might cause problems, now was the time to stop it. I said I had no problems with it, and that I didn't feel threatened by a sexual relationship with another woman, if that was all it was. She assured me that that was exactly what it was, and that it was based on friendship, affection and curiosity, but not on love. And so it proved. Both women were, and still are, happily married, and that their marriages were enhanced by this extra dimension. So we agreed that she should go to Holly's house. A good deal of masturbation happened in those few days in anticipation of what might happen.

We had another early night on the Tuesday, so that Carole could tell me what had happened.When she arrived at Holly's house, she was greeted with a kiss, and they sat and shared a pot of coffee and some fairly nervous conversation about what had happened. They were both relieved to find that there were no regrets, and that things could continue. They established some understandings, one of which was that neither husband would be invited or be allowed to join their activities. It was purely a relationship with another woman that they wanted to explore, not the complexities and possibilities for real infidelity that might result from a threesome or a foursome. When Carole told me this, I pulled a wry face, but agreed without argument. In return, she agreed to share the sex with me by telling me about it afterwards. I reckoned that in itself made me luckier than a lot of men, and I have never regretted it.

After the coffee and conversation, Holly took Carole's hand and said, "Come with me, I've been looking forward to this." She led her upstairs to the guest bedroom. Carole excused herself and went to the bathroom to freshen up.


When she returned to the bedroom, Holly was lying on the bed. She had undressed. "It was the first time I'd seen her completely naked." I asked Carole to describe Holly's body while she was rubbing my cock. She described in detail Holly's legs, her breasts and nipples, her pubic hair and the beginning of the groove between her legs. Carole was getting wet as she recalled these images.

Carole stood by the bed, and Holly watched as she undressed. When she too was naked, Holly moved over to make room for her on the bed. They didn't get into bed, they lay side by side facing each other on top of the duvet. They kissed and stroked each others face and neck. Their hands soon descended to each others breasts. I groaned as she told me what another woman's breasts feel like. The two women moved apart a little and lay half on their backs and half on their sides, to give easy access between their legs.

I asked Carole what she felt. "I felt the smooth skin of her belly."


"What next?"


"I felt hair."


My mouth was dry. "Go on, what next?"


"I worked my way through the hair until I felt the beginning of her pussy lips."


"And then?" I groaned again as she said,


"I found a hole."


"What did it it feel like?"


"Warm and inviting."

Carole went on to describe again how they masturbated each other, rubbing and fingering each other's cunt, to an almost, but not quite, simultaneous orgasm. I asked her to describe again what it felt like to put her finger into another woman's wet cunt. She rubbed my cock and brought me to the orgasm I was so looking forward to as she described again the inside of Holly's vagina. I went down on Carole, and by a combination of licking and fingering brought her to a shaking orgasm. She caught her breath, then said, "Your cock's still hard. Can you put it in me? I could go again. I'm so so turned on by all this." I moved on top of her and put my cock in. She said, "Just keep still." She reached for her vibrator, and turned it on and slipped it between us. She masturbated herself to a second orgasm like that, with my prick in her cunt.

This was the second of many encounters between them. They happened on the bed most Tuesday afternoons, and in the car and a few other places on Thursday evenings. I'll describe how the affair progressed in a later part of this story.



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