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My Wife's Friends Have Some Great Benefits

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A cookout with friends takes some fun twists and turns


About a month ago my wife Sara invited her good friend Stacy from work as well as her husband Jim over for a cookout. I had met both of them before at holiday parties, but never really spent much time talking to them or getting to know them. They’re a nice couple, both fit and attractive, and around the same age as us.

The evening was going very well. After we ate, we all hung out on our deck for a few hours having a couple beverages and sharing stories. We were all getting along very well and were getting very comfortable. The ladies, being very familiar with one another, were starting to get a bit silly and their topics of conversation drifted into some risqué stuff, such as fooling around with people, past sexual experiences, good, bad, and funny. Jim and I just laughed at them, especially when they mentioned that they talk like this all the time at work. I wasn’t surprised at all knowing Sara's naughty streak like I do, but I wasn’t expecting Stacy to be right on the same level. Sara and I are very open and after we had kids I never minded if she messed around with a younger guy every once and a while if one expressed interest at work or the gym. What had me surprised was that it certainly sounded as though Jim and Stacy were pretty relaxed about such things as well.  At one point in the conversation, Stacy mentioned that one thing she really enjoys is watching a guy stroke his cock for her. For whatever reason, my wife decided to just blurt out and reveal that when I was a teen I used to jerk off with a few of my friends and that we’d watch each other as well. At first I was terribly embarrassed, not wanting our guests to be put off by this sorta alternate activity, or just knowing this information about me in general. My wife knew about the stuff I did as a teen but I didn’t expect her to be sharing it so openly. Stacy quickly stated that she thought that was really hot, and Jim let me off the hook by confessing that he had done the same thing a few times with a friend when he was a teenager. After that revelation passed, the women continued acting and talking silly, and Jim and I were hitting it off by coming up with ways to egg them on and get more stories out of them. Before the night ended Jim and I talked them both into pulling their tops up and showing us their tits. Stacy’s were very nice. They were on the smaller side, however she had nice long cone shaped nipples. Sara’s breasts are on the larger side, double d's, with big round flat nipples, and Jim mentioned that he’s admired them in the past and was always hoping to get a look at them out of their bra. Fortunately the women approved of our compliments and weren’t in a big hurry to put them away. When they were leaving, Jim and I exchanged cell numbers in case we wanted to hang out sometime for a football game, golf, or a beer.

About three weeks passed and I had pretty much forgotten most of the details of that night, when out of nowhere I got a text from Jim on a Tuesday evening. He said that Stacy was going over to her mother’s to help her with something and asked if I wanted to come over and hangout. I wasn’t doing anything that night, and since they only live ten minutes away I figured I would go. I texted back and asked what he had in mind. When he answered was when I was truly surprised. The text said that he was thinking about watching an adult film and do some stroking, and was wondering if I was interested in joining. I was in fact interested so I quickly asked my wife her thoughts and after she had few giggles, she said, yeah go right ahead. I answered the text saying that I’d be over shortly.

When I got there, Jim already had a movie playing on the screen. As I walked around the couch he said he had been getting started a little bit before I arrived. I laughed and told him that I was surprised when I got the text. He said that he was really nervous about asking and that he’d been considering it since it came up at the cookout. He also said that it was Stacy who convinced him to send the text that night and that she had gotten my wife’s permission ahead of time at work. Right then I laughed realizing what Sara and Stacy had pulled off here.

So after a few more minutes of small talk, I sat down in a large chair and paid a bit closer attention to the movie. After a few more minutes Jim, who was sitting on the sofa, looked over at me. I reached down and pushed my pants down a bit exposing my hard cock and letting it fall back toward my belly button. I looked over at him then and he pulled his pants down as well. This was my next surprise of the evening. Jim had a huge cock. I was always proud of my seven inches, but Jim was in another league. He was at least an inch or two longer than me, but his thickness was what was amazing. We both went back to watching the film and began slowly stroking ourselves. After a few minutes I looked over again at Jim. He had a nice rhythm and pace going. He would pump the shaft and every fifth or sixth stroke he’d go over the head. I then glanced up and noticed Jim was watching me again as well. He asked if I liked watching him stroke it, to which I assuredly agreed. He said he was enjoying watching me too. He then offered that if I liked I could move over to the couch so we could both see better, which I happily did. We both took our pants all the way off and continued stroking our cocks, going from watching each other, to the film, and back again. It was me who next decided to ask Jim about when he was a teen. I asked if he and his friend ever stroked each other. He said no, that they had thought about it, but didn’t and that they just watched each other. He asked if I had with my friends. I told him that we had handled each other’s quite a bit and tried all kinds of stuff. There was another couple minutes of silence as we continued to stroke our cocks. Jim then said with a hesitant tone that I was welcome to stroke his if I wanted to. I smiled and asked if he was sure he wouldn’t mind. He laughed and confirmed that he wouldn’t mind at all.

I then leaned over a bit and took his big cock in my right hand. I was still amazed at his size. His head was normal but the thickness of his shaft, which was more oval than round, just below his head was something else. It was fatter toward the top than at the base. After I stroked it up and down a few times, I held it across the palm of my hand a just said, wow! Jim laughed and said that Stacy really liked it too, but there was no way she ever let him put it in her ass. I laughed and said obviously and that I didn’t blame her. By now we pretty much forgot there was a movie playing, and I was really working his cock over. Jim reached into the table next to the couch and handed me a bottle of lube. This was even better as I continued to give him a great slippery handjob. Jim stopped me for a second saying he was getting close but didn’t want to cum yet. He then asked if he could try mine out. I certainly agreed to that. I repositioned myself on the couch to present my cock to him. He reached over and started playing with it a little, kind of checking it out, squeezing the head, touching my balls. By this time I had been totally hard for a while and my precum was all over myself. He then got a nice stroke going on me which felt really good. After a minute or so I asked him what he thought. He said he really liked it and that it was more enjoyable than he had imagined. I said that I remembered the same thing back when I first did it. He continued to jerk me for a few more minutes, trying different techniques. I moaned and told him it felt good, and he replied that I had been doing a great job on him as well. After another couple minutes I asked him if I could do the honors and finish him off, to which he agreed. He stopped stroking me so I could get a better angle on him. I lubed my right hand again and went back to work on his thick beauty. By now his clear precum was flooding the tip of his penis and running down my thumb. Suddenly he erupted with some nice pulsing contractions. Jim released a really nice load, thick and white, all over his belly. As he was twitching from the end of his orgasm, I was so excited I leaned back, my hand still lubed up and began stroking myself rapidly. Within a few seconds I was also pumping spurt after spurt of semen from my own cock, into the air and onto my belly.

After we both recovered, Jim exclaimed that he really enjoyed that and hoped we could do it again. I agreed with a laugh, saying once a week would be fine with me. He said he never imagined how hot and fun this could be. I said the same thing, and told him that even though I always absolutely loved sex with women, that I found playing with a cock to be a very fun side activity. I also mentioned that I hadn’t had the opportunity in many years and like him, was hoping we could do it again or regularly.

After we got dressed and I thanked him, I headed home, looking forward to the conversation I was going to have with Sara when I got there. When I walked in the kitchen, she was grinning ear to ear and asked how things went. I smiled and said, well thanks to you… She laughed and said that her and Stacy had been discussing it for a few weeks since the cookout. Sara told me that Jim had asked Stacy what she thought about him inviting me to get together to masturbate, and that Stacy asked her about it at work, which led to their plan. Sara then asked me again how things went and if we watched each other stroke our cocks. I told her that we did, and that we even stroked each other’s cocks as well. She was flabbergasted and asked if I thought Jim liked it. I told her that he definitely did and that we’re hoping to do it some more here and there. She said that was awesome, especially since her and Stacy were such good friends. This prompted me to ask her if she and Stacy ever did anything. She then blushed and confessed that prior to the cookout they never had, but between the topless exhibition that night, and the hot talk about planning mine and Jim’s meeting, they actually did fool around a little bit just few days earlier after work. I was surprised and asked for details. She was a bit vague but said that the hot talk led to them playing with each other’s tits which led to them making out a little, but that was it so far. I laughed again and said that I was thinking the next time we got together with Stacy and Jim had the potential of being a lot of fun. Sara agreed and said that was their plan, and they were hoping maybe Jim and I would give them a little show next time. So that being the case, Jim and Stacy are coming over for another cookout next weekend. Should be interesting.



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