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My Wife's Best Friend

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A true story.


A few years back my wife and I found ourselves alone one Saturday afternoon with nothing planned. I was horny as hell and so was my wife. I looked at her and said, "Let's do it." We shed our clothes on the way down the hall to the bedroom and jumped in bed. I was hard by the time we got in bed.  
We kissed and played around for a few minutes and then I started sucking on those delicious nipples. I eased a finger into her pussy and she was already wet. We did some more kissing and licking and sucking until we were both well ready. My wife lay down and spread her legs and I got between them.
Just about the time I was ready to enter her the phone rang. Normally we would not have answered but she was worried that one of the kids needed something. So I leant over and answered the phone. It was a good friend of mine. I quickly told him that I would call him later and hung up.
Then the doorbell rang! My wife jumped up and threw a robe on and went to the door. I was hoping it would not take long so I lay there and occasionally rubbed my hard dick, keeping it good and hard, and ready. Now, we had a door that led from the hallway directly to the living room that we never, ever used. We would always walk up to the end of the hallway into the den and take a left and go into the living room. I had no idea that my wife had decided to open the door that led directly to the living room.
It didn't take me long to realize that the person who rang the doorbell was Carol, my wife's friend and co-worker. Carol was single but got around pretty good according to my wife. Now, my wife is kind of old fashioned. She believes that two people should be married if they are having sex. Carol believed that if you hooked up someone and you like them then you should have sex with them.
Never-the-less, I lay there stroking my dick keeping it ready. I could not help but think of Carol. She had a body to kill for and was a very beautiful woman. She was probably in her mid 20's which would put her about twenty years younger than me and my wife. She was something that married men of middle age, like me, dreamed about. She was five-five, about two inches shorter than my wife. Carol had larger tits and with her smaller frame, her tits looked huge. Carol had jet black hair and I had often wondered if she shaved her pussy or was she natural. Since I love a good hairy pussy I pictured Carol as having a thick black bush.
I could tell by their voices that my wife had invited Carol into the house but again, I had no idea that particular door was open. Finally I sat up on the side of the bed and about the time I stood up I saw Carol. She was sitting in a chair in the living room and had to only look past my wife and a little to her right to see directly into our bedoom. She had a clear view of me stroking my dick.
Realizing the situation, I reached for my dick to cover it and the second I touched it I realized that I was going to cum. I thought, to hell with it, and I grabbed my dick in my hand and started jerking as cum shot out. I stook there thrusting my dick toward Carol and rope after rope of hot cum spurted from my dick. I was staring directly into her eyes as I came. Apparently she caught my wife not looking and she flashed me a quick smile.
I cleaned up my mess and quickly put some clothes on and walked up the hallway to the living room. As I entered, my wife said, "You remember Carol don't you?" I said, "Sure", and stuck out the hand I had just jacked off with. Carol took my hand and squeezed it and said, "My pleasure seeing you." I told Carol that I enjoyed very much seeing her and hoped that I would see her again soon. I walked back into the den and turned the TV on and watched something until Carol left.
Thinking about what had just happened caused my dick to start getting hard again. After Carol left, my wife asked me if I wanted to finish what we started. How could I say no to such a request. Having already cum, my wife got a really good fucking that summer afternoon. I made it a point to see Carol again soon and I found out that she had no hesitation what-so-ever about having sex with her good friend and co-worker's husband.
A couple of weeks after I was unknowingly jacking off for Carol, my wife and our kids flew home to spend some time with her parents. I was to join them a couple of months later, which I did. In the meantime I spent almost every night for two months in Carol's bed. She turned out to be one of the hottest women I have ever cum in contact with. That woman could not get enough. Her pussy stayed wet all the time. And I am happy to report that Carol did, at that time, have a massive black bush around her pussy.
After two months with her it's a wonder I didn't have hair balls like cats have. I was happy for my wife to return home. I needed some rest.



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