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My Wife's Adventures....Court Date

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My wife relates her first time appearing in court with her security personnel.

It was bedtime and here I was, laying in bed waiting for someone to relieve the pressure build up in my cock.  Hopefully, it would be my wife, who was really taking her time getting ready for bed.  I wasn't sure how much longer I could wait.  Finally, in she came.  She was surprised I was still awake.  "I wasn't expecting you to still be up.  I thought you'd be sound asleep and I would have to wake you".  "You wanted to wake me up"?  "Yes, I'm a little on the horny side and sometimes it takes two".

With that, I slid my arm under her and pulled her to me.  "What did you have in mind"?  "It took me a while to get up here because I was lost in thought about what happened at work today.  I wasn't sure I was going to tell you or not.  Then I decided it wouldn't be fair not to tell you.  And all that made me a little wet down there (as she began to rub herself)."  Now, she had my full attention.  "Go ahead".


"Do you remember when we had some shoplifters in the store last month and Steve (security guard) and I caught one of them?  Well, today was court day and I had to accompany Steve to the courthouse as I was the Manager on Duty that day.  Steve picked my up at 10:00 and we drove downtown for the 10:30 appearance.  Luckily, Steve was able to handle the entire situation and I was there only as his 'back-up'.  The shoplifter got a fine and probation.  It was over by 11:30.  We left and as we were walking to the garage, he asked if I wanted a little lunch to celebrate.  Sure.  We veered off to a lunch place in the next building.  Steve is a regular security guard for our company and a city police officer on his regular job.  He has worked for us for a little over three years now, so I am quite comfortable being in his presence.  We had a nice lunch and he was quite the gentleman all the while.  He even paid for the lunch.  We went back to the parking garage, found his car and got in.  Instead of starting the car, he said he wanted to talk a little first.  He began by telling me how much he liked working for my company, and me personally.  I thanked him for the compliment and told him we liked the job he was doing as well.  That's when he asked if he could kiss me.  That caught me a little off guard, but said certainly.  Now, Steve is about 35 or so and is really in great shape, so I was more that agreeable to a little kiss from him.  What I wasn't prepared for was the way he kissed me.  It was a deep, sensuous kiss that lasted almost forever!  I found myself returning it in kind.  After we broke the kiss, he asked me if he could go a little further.  YES.  He placed his hand on my breast and returned to the kiss.  By now, I was absolute putty in his hands.  He unbuttoned my shirt to allow him better access and soon had lifted my bra up to expose my naked breasts.  Down went his mouth and he sucked on my erect nipples, which drove me to the next notch.  He then took my hand and placed it on his nicely erect penis.  Even through his pants, I could feel his cock pulsating.  By now, I was really getting hot.  I managed to undo his belt, lower his zipper and release his cock from captivity.  I was now out of control.  As I was doing that, he managed to lift my skirt to expose my panties.  In went his fingers and found my wet pussy.  It only took a moment before his fingers entered me and that's what caused my first orgasm.  WOW.  After a minute to recoup, my mouth found its way down to his cock head and in it went.  Now you know, I'm not all that happy with blowjobs, but this was entirely different.  I was really enjoying it.  He went back with his fingers (he must have had at least three in my vagina, each moving in a different direction.  Here came orgasm number 2!  As my vaginal muscles squeezed his fingers and my mouth still on his pulsating cock, the combination of events must have triggered his orgasm as well.  You would have been proud, not a drop of his cum spilled out of my mouth.  That was the most gratifying sexual lust that I have ever been a part of.  Even with all that cum in my mouth, Steve leaned in and french kissed me like a wild man.  That triggered orgasm number 3".


Her hand was busy making wet noises inside her panties, while mine was going over the speed limit on the other side.  I was the first to shoot all over my stomach and she was a close second.  She then climbed on top of me making my cum shoot the 'meat' in the middle of two slices of bread.  She kissed me with the same type of passion that Steve must have laid on her that morning.  Another fine tale from the lips of my adventurous wife.




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