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My Wife Throws Me a Curve Sometimes

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She get's real sexy at times.


 My wife and I have been married for many years and she was rather shy about sexual things and doing anything she felt was weird, so I never pressed the issue and continued to have intercouse in the missionary postion for years and it always felt good for me, but not sure about how it made her feel. She would say that she enjoyed it, but I felt...no I knew she didn't orgazm like I did and yes it might have felt good, but I would have loved to make her cum as well.

 One night after some heavy petting we were ready to have sex and she told me to just lay there on the bed and let her try something, which made my mind swirl with ideas of what was about to happen. I did as she wanted and after a minute later she was kneeling over me and told me "your turn to let me do the work". I had no idea wwhat was about to happen, until I felt her pussy slowly take my stiff cock inside and slowly raise herself up and down on it fucking herself and me, as I layed there astonished. This was the first time she ever did anything out of the ordinary and it wasn't even my idea, but that of my sexy wife, which made it all that much sexier for me and it wasn't long before we both came with great pleasure from this newly acquired position for her.

 Over the next few years she was pretty much open to trying any thing sexual that either of us suggested, as long as it wasn't what she considered perverted. We fucked in any position our older bodies allowed us to get into...we fucked on the coffee table...in the car...in a tent...in the basement...on the counter top...bent over a chair, or table...at the edge of the bed and she had a few favorite positions...one of which was on top and bent over for me to fuck her from behind. her close 

 She was very very dumb when it came to having sex when we first met, as it was new to her and I can remember the first had job she gave me and how amazed she was at what squirted from my cock and enjoyed watching me cum.. After giving me several hand jobs she began to do it for both of our enjoyment and to ease my sexual tension, as well as her liking how my cock felt held in her hand.. There were times that we were going somewhere and I would ask her to jack me off while I'm driving and there were other times that she would take it upon herself to undo my pants...take out my cock and just enjoy stroking it for her pleasure and mine and got to love the feeling of my cum all over her hands. It was exciting when she took it upon herself to pleasure me for no good reason especially when it was a total surprise and something I wasn't use to happedning, nut I didn't complain.

 My wife totally surprised me again about two years ago when she told me that it was ok for me to masturbate whenever I felt like it and that she wouldn't get upset about it at all and told me that watching me jack off, which she admitted actually turns her on a lot...I never expected to hear those words from her mouith and this can't be the same women I married. Our favorite time to masturbate is when she is making love to my tit's and sucking my nipples, as it allows me to have several smaller cums that feel's amazing. and she totally likes making love to me this way a couple of times a  week. It feels very sexy to me and watching her feel my tit's up and seeing how much she get's into sucking my nipple's makes jacking myself off something, which is something we both enjoy doing as often as possible.

 I have always loved my wife, but now I have many more reasons to keep her happy, due to all the sexy things she has given me permission to do...wanted to watch me do...has introduced me to and a few things she brought up that she would like to do. I am truly Happily Married and sexually satisfied by my sexy wife.



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