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My Wife Spied on Me

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My wife and I have been married for about 25 years and our sex life is only about once a week now. I am still very active so resort to masturbation 3-4 times a week to supplement my one joint session with my wife.

My wife knows I play with myself, but thinks it is disgusting. I'm not very careful and occasional have a stain or have a piece of tissue hanging around I should have disposed of, not very often, but enough that I get a caustic comment that I'm dirty and should be more discrete.

I do travel a lot, 2 or 3 nights a week away from home, so finding time for my fantasies when in my hotel room is not difficult. After all what else can you do except, have a couple of drinks, eat a meal, read a book, watch TV, do email, soon get fed up with that so it does leave plenty of time to play with yourself without being disturbed.

As I said my wife thinks masturbation is dirty, even though she doesn't mind playing with me, she thinks doing it to yourself is wrong. Over the years she has only once ever caught me, when she came home early one day a few years ago. There I was without a single piece of clothing, lying on the bed right in the middle of a session. She went absolutely ballistic. It made me very embarrassed and if she had just laughed it would have been fine.

Anyway, given this background, a few weeks ago I wasn't travelling so hadn't had the opportunity of playing with myself as often as normal. I was looking forward to some fun that evening in bed. We had a nice meal and for whatever reason, got into a real stupid argument about really nothing at all.

The outcome was that I decided to sleep on the couch as we were not talking. I watched TV till late and fell asleep.

I woke about 6 in the morning with my normal erection, it was still a little dark and I thought it would be good to have a session on my own as it was unlikely there would be any other way.

I was only in my pants so I pulled them down and started a nice slow session. After about 10 mins or so, even though it was still a little dark, the sun was starting to rise and I thought I made out a shape in the doorway. Our down stairs is open plan so there are no doors and to get to the kitchen you walk right by the family room where I was lying and playing with myself. After a while, I knew for certain it was my wife looking around the corner watching me. After the previous time I got caught, I wasn't sure wether to stop or carry on. As she hadn't burst in, I decided to pretend I didn't see her, it was still quite dark so she would not be able to see that my eyes were slightly open, however, she had a great view of me in the slight light coming through the window.

I decided to show her the works and started stroking my balls and fingering my ass with my left hand. My right hand was slipping up and down with all the pre-cum and was making slurpy noises which she must have been able to hear. I kept this up for about another 10 minutes, stopping just before I came and then starting again. By this time the light was sufficient for her to have a really good look at me and I could still pretend my eyes were closed.

I couldn't hold out any longer and normally if I'm concerned people are around, or if I masturbate in the shower, I make sure I don't make any noise. This time I opened my mouth and groaned as I felt my balls ready to explode.

At this point my wife turns on the light switch. It was too late to stop, and I just carried on with one of the best and intensive orgasms I've had for a long time. I wasn't concerned if she was going to shout, complain or whatever, it was really exiting that she was spying on me and, the fact that she turned the light on just before I came made it even better for me.

There I was with no clothes on with the mess all over me and my wife just staring at it all. I looked at her still slowly stroking my shrinking penis and smiled, she smiled back, crossed the room and went into the kitchen to make breakfast.

When I got cleaned up, I put my pyjama on and went into the kitchen. She came over to me and said, sorry about last night, put her hands through the pyjama front to hold my penis and balls. I guess you will not need me for a little while now that you've had your fun.

After breakfast, she undid my pyjamas, took hold of my penis and guided me to the bedroom. She lay me on the bed and said let me see which you like best, my hand or yours. She gave me the most wonderful masturbation session, even though it wasn't such a high volume as before, she spent for ever, and by the end I was almost ready to ask her to stop I was exausted.

After that she hasn't mentioned it since, but I think she still thinks its a dirty pasttime and doesn't encourage me to do it. If I hold myself in bed she always pulls my hand away.

I would certainly like to have her watch me again and am trying to think of how to get her to catch me.



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