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My Wife Does Too!

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I have wondered for a long time whether my wife masturbates. We have discussed this subject on a number of occasions in the 17 years that we have known each other, but she has always maintained her 'innocence'. There has been the odd circumstantial evidence that has always kept my interest in her doing this live, but nothing concrete until recently. I masturbate frequently and this virtually always involves me fantasising about Mandy pleasuring herself. On one occasion, when she was in her mid-twenties (she is now 36), I came home very early from training one evening and found my beautiful wife in bed, it was only 9.30pm, much earlier than her normal bedtime. Mandy was awake and I got undressed and got into bed beside her. To my surprise she was naked beneath the duvet. She immediately turned towards me and I felt for her breasts. Her nipples were already erect. I pushed my hand towards her pussy and found that she was soaking, wetter than I had ever seen her. Her juices were all around her lips. I was so turned on at the thought that minutes before she had been masturbating. I fingered her pussy and rubbed her clit until she came. We never discussed this but just went to sleep.

Since that time I have tried to raise the subject a number of times, but she has avoided talking. There has been very little evidence since and I have assumed that after the children were born she no longer had any interest in touching herself. I work away a lot and one time when I had been away I asked her if she masturbated when I was away. She reacted angrily saying 'You know I don't like talking about that' and ended the conversation. After a couple of minutes she got up and left the bedroom saying 'No, I don't.' This seemed something of an afterthought and made me think that, perhaps she did, but felt guilty. I never raised the subject again.

However, over the past year our sex life has rejuvenated. I have spent years trying to persuade Mandy to let me use a vibrator on her, but she always said no. Eventually, last year I was massaging her back with a battery powered massager when I moved it around towards her large (34D) breasts. She raised her torso so that I had freedom to use it on her sensitive nipples. Her reaction was incredible. Soon I rubbed it over her buttocks and over her mound, she still had her shorts on. She lifted up and removed them and I proceeded to rub her pussy with our new found toy until she had the most intense orgasm I have ever seen. This was repeated a few days later and I decided I should go and purchase a vibrator as a surprise. Shortly after I produced the vibrator. She was shocked but as soon as it came into contact with her clit she relaxed and enjoyed a really powerful orgasm.

After that we used it periodically in our lovemaking, but not all the time. She seemed to love using it whenever we made love. I loved to see the reaction it caused in her.

In January, this year I was going away on business for a couple of days. I was excited since I knew that if she masturbated she would have the perfect opportunity whilst I was away. I therefore, placed the vibrator in a position in the drawer on my side of the bed where it could not move without being picked up by hand. My plan was to see if it was in the same position when I returned.

Two days later I got home exhausted and went straight to the bedroom to unpack. The first thing I did was to look in the drawer. There was the evidence I wanted. The vibrator was in a completely different position. It had clearly been taken out of the drawer and put back. I was so excited, I couldn't wait to go the bathroom and masturbate myself. Even though I had done so in my hotel room that morning, I came in seconds!

Since that day I have set Mandy up in the same way and sure enough she gives the game away each time. I haven't raised this because I have figured that this is a very private thing for her and she is entitled to do it the way she wants to. Our sex life is better than ever and I see no need to upset things.

However, I am surprised at some women. We share everything and yet she can't tell me that she masturbates occasionally. I would like comments from women as to whether they believe all girls play with themselves but some are too scared to admit it.



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