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My Twin Cousins

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I have twin cousins, Kevin and Alex, who are 11 months younger than I am. This happened when I was 16 and they were 15. I was staying the weekend with my aunt and cousins at their house. My uncle was away on a business trip. It had been nearly four years since I had seen Alex and Kevin. It was summer and we were in Ohio, so it was pretty hot. After I arrived and got all settled in, aunt Jackie suggested that Alex, Kevin, and I put on our bathing suits and headed outside to relax by their small pool. When I say small, I mean small. The pool was probably four feet by six feet and only four feet deep.

Anyway, I put on my bikini and met the boys outside. Kevin was wearing regular swimming trunks and Alex was wearing a black speedo. He was on swim team at his school so I guess it didn't bother him wearing his speedo all the time and in front of girls. We all jumped in and swam around and splashed about for a while and then I decided to get out and lay out to tan poolside. I dried off a little and laid down on the lawn chair next to the pool and closed my eyes.

After about twenty minutes I heard the boys go inside. A few minutes after that I deicded I needed to go pee and that I wanted to get a soda pop out of the fridge. I went inside and made my way towards the bathroom. As I was in the hall outside the bathroom I heard groaning and grunting and mumbling coming from the bathroom. I had a pretty good idea what was going on and I decided to open the bathroom door. Sure enough, the door was unlocked and I was right. There were Alex and Kevin, jerking off together. Alex was sitting on the toilet, speedo on the floor and Kevin was sitting on the side of the tub, swimming trunks pulled down to his knees. Both boys gasped and tried to cover themselves after I opened the door.

'No, no. It's fine. Carry on.' I told them, closing the door and hoping up onto the counter by the sink and sitting there. 'You-we-here-what?' Alex stuttered. 'Go on, I want to watch you to jerk off.' I said. Kevin seemed hesitant, but Alex went straight to work, pumping his cock fast and hard. Kevin eventually began stroking himself. As I was watching I was comparing them to each other. Alex's dick was a little longer and thin, Kevin's was a bit shorter but much thicker. Kevin had a large bush of pubic hair whereas Alex had a nice trimmed triangle right above his cock.

I was beginning to get horny watching the boys jerk off. I slowly slid my bikini down to my ankles and spread my legs. 'Holy shit,' mumbled Kevin, who had a much better view of my pussy than Alex did. I began to rub my clit and finger myself at the same time. Alex groaned and said 'I'm cumming.' And he shot his load all over the bathroom floor. Right after this Kevin stood up and turned around just in time to blow his load into the bath tub. I continued to masturbate myself until I came. I squirted a small amount into my palm. We cleaned up and went back outside to the pool.

We talked about what had just happened for a good hour or so. Later that night after dinner, we were supposed to be in bed and I ended up in their room. I laid down on the floor in between Alex and Kevin's beds. They joined me on the floor sitting indian style. We talked for a bit and then decided to get naked. We actually sat around naked for almost a good hour before anyone touched themselves. Alex was the first one to begin stroking. Then me, followed quickly be Kevin. We decided that I would jerk off Alex while he jerked off Kevin and Kevin would finger me. We tried this and we all came within five minutes. I had to leave too soon and we didn't see each other for almost two years after this. None of us had cell phones so we didn't really talk much at all.

Then last spring over spring break, we were at a family reunion. We ended up masturbating together in the family bathroom of the banquet hall where the reunion was. They are seniors in high school this year and I am a freshman in college. Kevin is coming to my school next year and Alex is still unsure where he is going. I can only hope that we will be able to have more fun very soon.

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