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My Time

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This was yesterday. I have to admit I found it difficult to describe things as they happened...hope it turns out ok


Julie, it was great to read your story..and very surprising how similar we are. I too like to masturbate regularly, but as a busy mum of two, this is usually limited to a quick play in the shower, or late night sessions trying not to wake the kids.

The weekends they are with their father is almost like a date. I wake up horny with anticipation of the day, my pussy already moist at the thought of the fun we will have.

Once the kids are safely away I begin to prepare. First off I like to take a hot bath and shave my pussy lips. I like to use the mentholated shaving foam..it makes my clit sing and leaves a cool, fresh feeling. I get so turned on my lips are slick with my juices and I wish I had someone to help. When all is smooth I dry off and take a towel to my bed.

Lying there on the towel I take my body lotion and gently begin to massage it in. Starting on my belly I use long sweeping strokes over my breasts and back down past my pussy to my legs. My nipples harden at the touch, my clit rises up, eager to be touched, but I leave that for now and twist my greasy nipples between thumb and finger. Pulling and stretching them as I massage my breasts. At this stage I am practicaly squirming on the bed, my hips lifting in search of a tongue that is not there.

Eventually it all gets too much for me, so I squeeze a bit of lotion onto my aching clit. It shudders at the cool touch, but enjoys the attention as I press my thumbs onto it and slip the fingers of both hands between my lips. Stroking my wetness upwards I use my thumbs to stretch my clit onto my forefingers at the top of the stroke.

My first orgasm of the day builds as my juices work their way to my anus. Rolling onto my knees I raise my left leg and steady myself. Looking down I see my swollen lips are gaping wide open. My clit looks like a little cock and I pull on it between my thumb and finger. Reaching behind me with my left hand I start to push into my soaking pussy with two crossed fingers. Settling into a rythym I rock back, squatting on my hand, trying to push further into myself. Gasps and grunts mingle with the wet sloshing sounds as I bounce on the bed, my right hand frantically flicking across my clit.

UUUAAARGGHH! Noises escape me as I pitch forward to rest my head on the pillow, my pussy literally squirting hot cum onto my hand. Pulling it free I move it in front and underneath me, wedging my right hand, fingers knuckle deep, hard against my clit as I hump against the palm. Waves of pleasure cascade through me as my muscles clench round my fingers, my breaths short, sobbing gasps.

My orgasm slowly fades as I lay on my back and stretch out my legs. Running my hand over my wetness I linger in the afterglow, pondering the day ahead..and the freedom of being home alone.



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