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My Tight One Piece Swimsuit

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Felt like writing a story from a girl's point of view.


When I was younger, I was really into swimming. I never joined a team or did it competitively, but I would go to the local pool on a fairly regular basis. The only time of the year I couldn't go was during the winter, when it would be too cold to swim, even in the indoor pool, which didn't have very good heating. I couldn't wait for winter to end and spring to start so I could return to the pool!

In the first month of spring when I was 13, it was finally warm enough to visit the pool. I excitedly packed my towel, water bottle and light blue one-piece swimsuit into a small bag at home. My dad offered to drive me to the pool and pick me up when I finished. At the pool, I said goodbye to my dad and thanked him for driving me, telling him I would call him when I was done. I paid for pool entry and hurried to the girls changing room. I stripped off my t-shirt, skirt and panties and pulled my one piece on. 

I had grown taller during the winter, so the suit barely fit me. The straps were tighter on my shoulders than I remembered, and they showed off more of my hips due to my height. I went inside a shower stall to shower before entering the pool. The door had a mirror behind it, so I looked at my slim, light-skinned body in my blue swimsuit while I showered. My sandy blonde hair flowed down to my chest. My breasts had only grown to the puffy nipple stage, so I was still flat-chested. When I stared down at my crotch in the mirror, I got the shock of my life! My wet swimsuit was so tight around my vagina area that a noticeable camel toe appeared. 

I tried to pull the crotch part down to stretch the suit, attempting to make my mound less noticeable. Every time I let go, the swimsuit would snap back at my vagina, providing me with a strange, tingly feeling down there. I had never felt anything like it before. It was like something inside me was building up and ready to be released. Despite my curiosity, I didn't explore this feeling further. Instead I rushed out of the change room and jumped in the pool, swimming different strokes for about two hours.

When I returned to the change room and peeled my one piece down, I noticed a small white stain in the crotch area of my suit. I was nervous and embarrassed that something was wrong with me. I quickly changed back into my regular clothes, called my dad and went home. I threw my swimsuit in the laundry basket and went upstairs to my room. I went on my laptop and used social media, slowly forgetting about the incident at the pool.

A few days later, I was on my bed and it was nearly midnight. I had school the next day and was struggling to get to sleep. I tossed and turned in my bed, eventually staring at my closet. In the dim moonlight, I could just notice my light blue one-piece swimsuit hanging on a rack in my closet. I thought about what happened at the pool and suddenly I had the urge to wear the swimsuit. I turned on my lamp, and slumbered towards the closet. I grabbed the swimsuit off the rack and ran my fingers across the material. When I reached the crotch of the swimsuit, the tingly feeling in my vagina returned.

I returned to my bed, now lit by the light from my lamp. I stripped off my clothes and pulled my swimsuit on, slowly. I enjoyed the sensation as the thin material passed my legs, crotch, chest and shoulders. When the suit was completely on me, I reached down to the crotch area, stretching it out with my hands, then letting it snap back at my vagina. With each snap, the tingly feeling inside of me started building up flowing through all parts of my body, must mostly just inside my vagina.

After three or four more snaps, I used my hands to touch the folds of my vagina through my swimsuit. The electric feeling was almost at breaking point, so I decided to stick a finger into my vagina hole. As I did this, I felt my body, which had been filling up like a balloon, start to burst. Inside my vagina, liquid began to flow and reach the inside lining of my swimsuit. My body bucked and twisted, with my legs flying all over the place at this feeling I couldn't hold back. I felt like I went through multiple spurts of clear liquid before I could finally relax. 

When it was all over, I glanced at the crotch of my swimsuit. The light blue colour at the bottom of the swimsuit had turned dark, creating a large patch there. There was even a wet stain on my bed sheets! I was overwhelmed at what I had done that I just collapsed back on my bed. After a few minutes of staring up at the ceiling, completely still, I decided to masturbate in my swimsuit again and again. I must have been doing it for an hour before I was finally so tired that I fell asleep.



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