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My Summer Job

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The following happened when I was in my early twenties. I had got a summer job at a market research company and I moved to the town where this company was located. I found a place to stay which was nothing fancy - just a single room on the second floor with an attached bath. The house itself was in a quiet part of the town, away from all the traffic. There was just one other house next to it. I liked my work at the firm as there were many gorgeous female executives with whom I had to interact daily. My work was from 9 to 5 and I usually came back at half past five to spend the rest of the evening relaxing.
One evening I came back from work and went to the attached bathroom to wash up. The bathroom had one small window with a shutter that swivelled up and down. As I looked through the window I noticed a lady in the adjacent house busy cleaning and mopping the floor. She was dressed in a short red skirt and a white blouse and she went about her cleaning activities. I could see some furniture, a dresser and a clothes rack. This lady looked like she was in her early thirties. The fact that she was doing her household chores in the evening made me feel that she probably had a day job. If she was working during the day, she would need to get dressed for work in the mornings. I was tingling with the possibilities that this train of thought had brought. That night I set my alarm clock to 5:30 a.m. and went to bed.
The next morning my alarm woke me up before dawn. I hurriedly brushed my teeth, made myself a cup of coffee and parked myself in the bathroom near the window with the shutter slightly opened. The window of the room of the adjacent house was open; it was obvious that this lady never felt the need to close the windows as her room overlooked a blank wall with just one small shuttered window. I waited patiently with a mild excitement of anticipation. At about 6:30 a.m., she came into view. She was in her night gown and was busily moving around preparing for the day. I noticed her bring some freshly ironed clothes and lay them on the table. She was moving in and out of the room and I had to keep a check on my mounting excitement. It was 7 a.m. but I was patient as I needed to get to work only at 9. I removed my shorts and waited.
At 9 minutes past 7, she came into view once again. She stood near the dresser. With one swift movement, she raised her night gown up over her head and removed it. I was trembling with excitement and my penis was throbbing as my eyes drank in this beautiful vision. She was standing there in her panties; her breasts were firm and well rounded with nice brown aureolas. I was just 30 feet away watching this fair lady and admiring her 36 C breasts. My hands instinctively began to stroke my hard cock. She then reached and got her bra. It was a front opening one and she put it on just as I shot my creamy load. I was delirious. I continued to watch as she wore her blouse and skirt. After that she sat there combing her hair. I washed up and started getting ready for work.
The next several weeks flew by in a delightful manner. Every morning I would wake up before seven, brush my teeth and have my coffee. At 5 minutes past 7 I would wait at the bathroom window, stroking my penis lightly waiting for my neighbor to start dressing. She would start her routine at 7:10 a.m. give or take a minute, and be done by 7:15. It was a small window of opportunity, if you will excuse the pun. She had a lot of different colored bras - purple, red, grey and of course, white. Somedays she would remove her night gown and walk across the room to hang it on a clothes rack at the end of the room. While returning back to the dresser she would cup her breasts with her hands, glancing at the open window to assure herself that no one was watching. The sight of this slim lady cupping her nice breasts usually made me reach my orgasm that left my whole body tingling with pleasure.
I also tried to catch her after work but that meant spending a lot of time waiting for her to show up. I liked the punctuality of the morning routine - there was no frustration caused by waiting. The weekends I did not bother.
Even after several weeks of such pleasurable mornings I really enjoyed jacking off watching this lady. One morning I waited near my bathroom window. It had rained the previous night and the shrubs and the trees looked much greener. There was a cool breeze and I shivered a bit. My neighbor was on time as usual. But this morning she removed her gown and instead of putting on her bra she wrapped a brown towel around her top. She then walked around the room arranging her clothes and doing little chores. All of a sudden she came and stood at the window. She was enjoying the beauty of that cool morning. She then looked this way and that to make sure that no one was watching. A few birds were chirping. There was no one else. She then removed her towel and stood at the window, topless and letting the cool morning breeze waft over her slender figure, stiffening her big nipples. Little did she know that I was just a few feet away feasting my eyes on her exquisite nude body. It was as if she was doing it for me. It was a heavenly vision. My strokes were slow and long that morning as I took my time to drink in this vision. She stood there for some time, long enough for me to feel my hot semen flow over my hands as I was in orgasmic heaven. She went back to put on her bra and get dressed. I rested for a while feeling the afterglow wash over me.
Well, after a few weeks my summer job ended and I had to move. This happened 15 years ago, but once in a while I still jack off reliving those beautiful mornings.



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