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How I became a masturbation addict


In the 50s and 60s, there was very little information on masturbation available publicly and sex was a taboo subject both at home and in social circles. So I was a late starter as I entered my teens. My friend sitting next to me in class told me one day that if I shake my dick, milk will come out. I was 14 then and had no idea of sex nor had I started getting hard-ons. I became curious , went home , tried and told my friend the next day that nothing happened. He asked me to keep on trying and it was a frustrating few months as I was looking for the milk. I did not even recognise any dry orgasm or pre-cum as the focus was on milk.

We had a very sexy maid working at home and one day when I entered the bathroom, she was bending down and washing clothes in a bucket. Her huge breasts were popping out and the sight of the same somehow caused a reaction in me as I had a boner. She went out and I had the shower as usual, soaping my body. My dick was still hard and I found it pleasurable to apply the soap and shake it. After so many months, this time I found the stroking so good that after some time, some electric shock went through my body, my dick swelled up and I could feel the convulsions. Just two or three drops of white liquid came out and I was thrilled. I went to the school and proudly informed my friend that I had at last got the milk!! He wished me all the best and asked me not to give up.

As soon as I returned in the evening, I went to the bathroom and started vigorously shaking my penis and had a wonderful orgasm, but again a few tiny drops. In the night, while I was lying on my belly, I again had a hard-on (which I could recognise only now) and I started humping against the mattress till I climaxed. I felt so good and went to sleep.

But what happened after that affected my life. I became a masturbation addict from the very next day. While the morning bathroom routine and night humping became a daily affair, I was looking for opportunities to masturbate during the day. 3-4 times, especially during weekends, was a certainty. Though I was a bright student, I felt sleepy always in class, lost concentration and interest in studies as the only focus became masturbation. This went on for a few years. When I did not get good grades, I had to meet the counselor and I confessed my addiction to him. I told him that I tried my level best to give up wanking totally but did not succeed. He told me that giving up is not practical and asked me to reduce it first to once daily and then to 3 or 4 times a week. This advice helped me and till I got married at the age of 31, I could manage with 3 to 4 sessions per week.

I have a very loving wife and two sweet kids, but after 15 years of married life, I had to go to another country for work. As my wife was in a very good job, she did not accompany me and again my solitary life started. During these 15 years with my wife around also I had not given up on masturbation as I loved it so much but did it only once or twice a month without my wife knowing it ( the society was still conservative). My solitary life started again in another country and with it came back my old habits. I used to go once a week to a massage centre near my residence run by Asians and there was a regular girl who massaged me. She was an expert in giving hand jobs and soon found out my love for masturbation. She used to give me a hand job as soon as she started and at the end of the massage session ,used to ask me 'do you want more"! I told her that my dick cannot stand up again so soon but her reply always was 'leave that to me'.She could invariably manage a second discharge. But my body had become weak and I could not go beyond 4 times per week . 


I am having a happy retired life with my wife now but still masturbate at least once a month. After reading stories of elderly people in solo touch, I think I should try to do more but I do not want to take any pills. Hope my dick answers my prayers!



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