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My Stepsister Likes to Stroke Me

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When my dad first re-married I was not all that happy at having to share his house with my new stepmom Carolyn and my stepsister Jill. I still spent part of the week with my mom and part of the week with dad so it wasn't too bad. My stepsister is 16 and although she was a royal pain in the ass at first last summer things changed. I am 17 and a senior in high school and Jill is blonde with a skinny yet firm body. When I first saw Jill coming out of the shower one day I was suprised to see how her small tits had nice perky nipples and although I didn't get to see her bush I did get a nice look at her nice tight ass. After she left the bathroom it was my turn to take a shower. Before I got in the shower I noticed she had left a pair of panties in the bathroom. As I picked them up and smelled the crotch I got a raging hard on and began to jack off. Although I thought I had locked the door I must not have because Jill walked right in on me and caught me jacking off. She was not mad and instead asked me if I did this alot. I told her I jacked off every day but usually not while smelling her panties. She laughed and told me if I let her watch she wouldn't tell my dad. Since I knew dad was a real straight disciplinarian I did not want him to have another reason to ride my ass. Jill told me I had the biggest cock she had ever seen and asked me how long it took before I came. I told her sometimes only a few minutes and sometimes I could jack off for 30 minutes before I came. Jill stepped closer to me and I got more and more excited. She asked if she could touch my cock and I told her go ahead. As she first touched my rigid shaft she gently touched my cock as if it was going to break. I told her she needed to grab it harder and stroke it up and down and she did. I started to moan as this was the first time any girl had ever jacked me off. Jill smiled and told me she wanted to make me come. She asked me if I ever fantasized about her and I told her yes but I was afraid she would think I was a pervert. She laughed and told me she masturbated once or twice a day and as she was rubbing her pussy she was going to think about my big hard cock. Hearing Jill talk about my cock put me over the edge and I started spurting strands of come all over the bathroom sink. Jill put her hand to her mouth and licked some of my come off her hand and told me she liked the taste.
Since that day Jill has jacked me off alot especially when our parents leave the house and we are home alone. Jill likes to smile at me at school and I have got a hardon before at school just thinking about her. Although we only stroked each other at first Jill now allows me to lick and suck on her sweet pussy. I love the way she tastes and she often grabs the back of my head and won't let me stop eating her until she comes 2-3 times. My knowledge of how to eat pussy is greatly improved now thanks to Jill. Just last month she began to kiss and suck on my cock and balls and she told me she loves how my cock feels in her mouth when it grows. Jill has became bolder lately and sometimes she will rub my cock through my shorts while her mom is just in the next room. Jill also likes me to rub her pussy through her jeans when her mom is nearby. I think the chance of getting caught makes her horny. I have often heard guys at school talk about what a frigid bitch she is because she won't let them feel her up and I just smile as I know what a sweet tasting pussy she really has.
Although I have begged Jill to let me fuck her she tells me she's not ready. She often tells me if I suck her pussy well then I can stick my cock in her after she's wet but so far she's refused. Although I am frustrated Jill always either jacks me off or sucks me off so I don't get blue balls. Just last week Jill came to my room and got in bed with me and told me she wanted me to hold her. After feeling her warm body next to mine I started to rub her clit under her panties and I felt her come twice. I took out my cock and began to rub it on her silk panties and I took her panties to one side and rubbed my cock head against her already wet slit. Since she had her back to me I tried to angle my cock just right to slip in her pussy but instead my cock was rubbing between her legs. She told me to come this way and the friction of her panties and knowing I was so close to her pussy made me come as she kept her legs twice against me. The next morning as our parents had gone out Jill got into the shower with me and she giggled when she soaped up my body and stroked my cock with her soapy hands. I took this opportunity to suck on her great tits and rub on her clit and she came harder than she ever has. I think Jill will let me fuck her soon and if she does I will be writing again.



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