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My Step-sister's Panties

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Sexy step-sister to hard not to look......


I started masturbating around 12 years old and I have never seen a girl naked before. I wanted to so bad but I never got my chance. Well my mom split up when I was 15. She got re-married. My new dad had a hot daughter with long legs, big breast and nice ass.
One day she left the house I had to masturbate in the bathroom to get away from everyone. I was really hard and needed to jack off but the problem is I have no privacy. So,when I went into the bathroom and I saw my step-sister clothes were laying on the floor. There was her jeans and tight shirt setting in a big ball thrown on the floor. I have jacked off many times thinking about her in her bra and panties. When I picked up her clothes a bra and a pair of panties were balled up in her jeans. I got harder and harder looking at her clothes. I reached down on picked up her panties and noticed a wet moist spot down in her crotch. I knew she just took a shower a few hours ago before riding her horse. That means the moist spot is new because she changed and went to her friends house. I smelled and licked the sweet moist spot. Then I started to masturbate with her panties in my hand. Her clothes made my cock go stiff. Before I knew it I had her panties in my hand and rubbing my dick through her moist spot. Her pussy had a sweet smell to it that I well never forget. After I masturbated I put her clothes back the way I found them. Now when ever I wanted to jack off I would go steal a pair of her panties.
Everything was going ok taking her panties because I thought she would never know about it. Well one night I was in my bed naked and I had her panties in my hand feeling on my dick. She came into my room closing the door behind her wearing nothing but a tight shirt and cotton panties. She stopped at the foot of my bed and set down. Then she said 'I am wondering.. I am missing some of my underwear. Do you know why?' I stopped and said 'oh, no sorry not my problem I can't help you there.' She looked down and saw me hold my dick. Her hand ran over my cock and she started to rub. I just set still and didnt move. She said 'I think you have them. So what are you doing under there? Anything I can help you with?' Just after she said that she pulled off the covers. There I was naked with her panties wrapped around my hard cock. She said 'There they are!' She got up and locked the door. As she was coming back she pulled off her shirt and jump on top of me. She looked at me and said 'If you wanted my clothes why didnt you ask? I might would have given you the one I am wearing.' After she said that she pulled off her panties and tossed them on my floor. Now her lips were rubbing right against my cock. She asked 'Have you ever seen a pussy before?' I Hate to say but no I have never seen a girl naked. She answer 'I have never seen a guy before.' Her hand wrapped around my cock and began slowly up and down. She said 'I have been alone in my room thinking feeling on myself thinking about you.' When she said I about cummed in her hand. While she stroked my shaft she leaned over and put her breast in my face. I slowly grab one of her breast and begin to suck on her nipples. She must have been horny because her nipples where hard before I licked them. As I licked her breast she pulled my hand towards her hot tight pussy. She guided my middle finger into her pussy and said 'please start to rub behind my pelvic bone...thats how like to do it.' Only two minutes or so after I started rubbing inside her cunt my fingers were soaking wet. While I was doing this I noticed she moved down and that is when she wrapped her lips around the top of my head. I moaned and she began to put my whole cock in her mouth. My hand rested on the back of her head and moved her sexy mouth up and down. About 8 minutes later I told her to stop or I would cum in her face then I would feel like a moron. She said 'Ok now you have to lick me'. When I moved my head down to her pussy I spread her legs and slowly spread and licked up and down her lips. After I could taste her getting moist I placed my tongue on her clit then licked and sucked away. A few minutes later her hips bucked and she told me to stop. We looked at each other and she said 'I wanted to see your cock the day I saw you go into the bathroom and never come out. I knew what you were doing and I wanted to see so bad. Please don't tell anyone about this - it is just between us.' I handed her panties and she slipped them on and left my room.
Me and my sister still play with each other every week. The great thing is our parents still don't know.



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